Click. Read. Love. 6.16.23

By Jess & Caylin
16 Jun 2023
Click. Read. Love. 6.16.23

Happy Friday! If it seems like I’ve been MIA (?) it’s because I have been. After a whirlwind trip to RI (traveling with a toddler, two dogs and a cat is interesting) we are back in Vermont. I really love that house, but it is wild how it doesn’t really feel like home anymore. At least not in the sense that Vermont does, even though our house here is very much a work in progress, and a construction site/obstacle course most days. I found myself after a few days feeling ready to go home (to Vermont). More to say on that…but for now I wish you all a happy weekend.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 6.16.23

When it comes to navigating online hate, food creators face a tough choice: Should they do what’s best for business or for themselves? (Eater)

If you’re in the market for a new suit or cover-up don’t miss my code with Summersalt. Use JESS10 for $10 towards a purchase of $95+.

How to actually spend time alone and why we benefit from it. (the hyphen)

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend—what all dads need to recognize about modern fatherhood. (Fatherly)

These sneakers I got from Nike are so great for dog walks and hikes in the wood. They’re also pretty light so my feet don’t get sweaty. -Jess

The case for banning social media for kids under 16. (Wall Street Journal)

A friend just recommended this podcast to me: Sweet Bobby. -Caylin

To truly understand the past, just pick up an old magazine. (The New York Times Magazine)

I finally got a standing desk (after my physical therapist showed me how my computer posture is the root of 95% of my back and neck issues). I will report back but it was super easy to assemble and set up, and it has great reviews! -Jess

A restrictive Tennessee law targeting drag performance was ruled unconstitutional thanks to the efforts of a Memphis theater troupe known for shows like The Dragnificent 70s. (Rolling Stone)

Just restocked my shampoo and conditioner and forgot how much I love Innersense. If you’re looking for a gentle, clean hair care routine I can’t say enough good things.

Would you pay over $600 for an ice maker? (WSJ)

In her book Adult Drama, Natalie Beach reckons with her decision to write about Caroline Calloway and what came next. (The Cut)

As Emmy season gets underway, we pay tribute to some brilliant stand-alone chapters from our favorite shows. (Vanity Fair)

I really thought I was the only one watching shows with the subtitles on…turns out I’m not.-Caylin (The Atlantic)

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