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By Caylin Harris
22 Sep 2017

We can now officially say, happy fall. Jess and Craig are headed to Ireland for a week long trip along the western coast and then Dublin. Wishing all of you a relaxing weekend.
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…

Three cheers for one pan dinners that have your main and sides covered.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting the same gritty treatment that Riverdale did—it should be interesting to see how it turns out!

So honored to be featured on Camille Styles chatting about entertaining and more, check out the post here. (J)

No more plastic wrap sounds pretty great. Try this beeswax wrap instead.

 Have you guys seen Home Again? Did you like it? There’s nothing like a feel-good rom-com.

Did you catch my takeover? I shared a bunch of rooms in the house I haven’t posted yet. You can see the photos here. (J)

This harvest honey crisp salad is maybe a perfect fall meal. The cinnamon shallot dressing looks amazing.

So I love the girls at A Beautiful Mess. They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk too. This post on being a boss was a great read. (C)

Do you think you could be outgrowing your job? Here are five signs that it’s time to move on.

Working on a modified version of these pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls this weekend. ‘Cause I feel like they deserve homemade dough. (C)

A really interesting read about the potential danger of HGTV and house-flipping.

Feeling grateful for better friends this week. Oh and this cute cartoon too. (C)

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