Click. Read. Love. 5.1.20

By Caylin Harris
1 May 2020
Click. Read. Love. 5.1.20
The view from our afternoon walk on a sunny day

Happy May 1st. It’s another rainy day here, seriously I don’t think we’ve had more than one day of sun in I don’t even remember how long. I know that’s what you get when you live in New England but it feels particularly rough this year. Weather is not usually a huge factor in my mood. Yes, I love good weather, but I relish in seasonal weather. It’s one of the reasons we chose to move back here and make Rhode Island home. I like the moody, rainy days, the snow days and the hot, humid sunny days. But this is the time of year where everyone starts to get excited about the anticipation of summer and all the joy that brings. I can’t stop thinking about what that will look like this year. All events in Newport for the most part have already been cancelled. Will the beaches open? Will you have to wear a mask? Can restaurants even open safely? I am fully aware of my privilege and I am so grateful we are able to stay safe at home, but I’m still sad about how life has changed and mostly the things Marin may not experience for a long time, like hugs from her family, sand under her toes, the ocean.

Being in quarantine has certainly shifted my perspective and reminds me to be thankful for all the little (but really not so little) things. A partner I love and enjoy spending time with, our health and our family’s health, the privilege of working from home, a yard – especially for our pets. I’ve been making it a ritual to go for a walk everyday in the afternoon, even though Marin falls asleep before I can even get out the door. It allows me to tune out but also tune in. I don’t have any good answers and I guess accepting that is the hardest part. Sorry, bit of a long rant for a Friday morning, but I’m guessing we’re all sharing in some of these feelings. How are you guys doing? Sending you love. xx Jess

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Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 5.1.20

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