Click. Read. Love. 4.2.21

By Jess & Caylin
2 Apr 2021
Jess Ann Kirby visits the flower market in St Petersburg on Saturday morning. | Click. Read. Love. 4.2.21

Happy April! It’s the month where it starts to feels a bit more like spring is a possibility, we all know March in New England is still very much winter. I’m getting excited about spring/summer fashion, dresses (omg what a concept), and self-tanner, haha. We have no grand plans for the weekend but I am pretty excited about Marin’s Easter “basket” (the L.L. Bean tote with fun stuff inside). Looking forward to time outside and offline. Wishing all of you a great weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 4.2.21

Interesting—too much high intensity exercise might be bad for your health.

They just wanted their couches…an accidental reply-all email storm followed.”

About grappling with Coco Chanel’s Nazi past—this piece does a good job of talking about how we deal with imperfection in our heroes.

My true crime people, this story about how a best selling author almost lost everything trying to get a man out of prison was insane. My jaw was on the floor while reading it. (C)

April horoscopes are in.

Could this be the vaccine news we’ve been waiting for?

I got an early copy of my friend Justina’s new book Jungalow and it is full of colorful inspiration. (J)

The NuFace Mini and NuFace Trinity are on sale right now! The only difference is the ability to change attachments, so if you don’t plan to use any, save money and go with the Mini! Here is my video tutorial and review.

Congratulations to Ayana on the launch of her Podcast Asked By Ayana. She’ll be exploring a topic I think about often, careers, and what it means to have a “dream” job.

Who are we when no one is looking?

And whom do we want to be?

I tested the Isle of Paradise Body Butter (medium) last night and the results were promising. I did a really light application but I am 1000% less pale than I was before. So I mixed a few drops (also medium) in with my serum for my face.

On the importance of being Megan Thee Stallion.

How to make almost any baking recipe vegan.

Craig and I started Q: Into The Storm on HBO Max. The filmmaker takes an in depth look at the movement, the biggest faces of QAnon and looks to identify who Q is (whether that’s 1 person or 7). (J)

Had to share this list of some of Bon Appetit’s 45 best recipes—I’ve made so many winners from this list that it’s a great way to get dinner inspo and offers ideas for new recipes to try. (C)

OK, so normally these Buzzfeed lists don’t blow me away, but I thought this one actually had some cool tips and tricks that anyone can do. (C)

Love the print, color and style of this Sezane wrap dress.

This group of talented actresses are taking on Asian inclusitivioty in Hollywood.

*Updated with context* An interesting perspective on how the internet has changed the adoption process so dramatically. “As the adoption industry migrates to social media, regretful adoptees and birth mothers are confronting prospective parents with their personal pain—and anger.”

Reporting back on the Rahua Purple Shampoo and I love it! It definitely got rid of some brassiness and made my blonde balayage look brighter and refreshed. Use code FREESHIP for free shipping. (J)

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  1. Cece North wrote:

    Jess, I love your blog but please don’t put links to stories in publications where you are required to have a subscription. Now I will never know what happened to all the people whose emails were leaked?.

    4.2.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Hi Cece, thanks for the note. We try to include a mix of articles that you can read with or without a subscription, but we also aim to include the most interesting stories from the best sources. Many, many publications are now putting things behind a paywall—letting them pay their journalists fairly and adequately for their reported stories, which we wholeheartedly believe in. So sorry you weren’t able to finish this one!

      4.2.21 | Reply
      • Cece North wrote:


        4.2.21 | Reply
  2. Angie wrote:

    As an adoptee I clicked on the link about the adoption industry and couldn’t tell if you were anti-adoption by endorsing the story. I think adoption is a complicated issue on all sides and I don’t think the article quite captured that. It would be good to state upfront your opinion instead of making readers wonder why you were posting. Or you could have written a intro explaining that it is complicated and here is one perspective.

    4.2.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Hi Angie. Thanks for your comment. I apologize for lack of clarity and context, and agree the issue of adoption is complicated on all sides. We certainly did not mean to imply we are anti-adoption by including the story. We try to include various perspectives on issues to allow people to come to their own conclusions on complicated topics. One of the reasons we included it was to show how the internet has changed the process so dramatically. We should have called that out. In the future I will try to do a better job of providing context when sharing articles like this. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      4.2.21 | Reply
      • Angie wrote:

        Thank you for the response and update to the link!

        4.2.21 | Reply

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