Click. Read. Love. 4.15.23

By Jess & Caylin
15 Apr 2023
Click. Read. Love. 4.15.23
the little tiny speck in the middle of the photo where the ice meets the trees is a bald eagle

Happy Saturday. Apologies to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter and got it on Thursday afternoon with the intro “Happy Friday.” Confirming I’ve lost it, but at least I sent it out? I have been feeling immensely scatter brained lately. Like worse than usual. I won’t get into why but (waves hands around) I think the state of everything could be contributing.

Last night Craig, Marin and I met some friends down at the lake after school for pizza, drinks, hanging out. We all wore our bathing suits (unplanned). When we pulled up, the lake was still frozen. Not thick ice, but a layer of slushy ice covering it. We went in anyway. Freezing cold, slushy ice water, the kids splashed around up to their ankles. The adults waded in, submerged, and came out feeling a little more alive. It was the reset we all needed. And for a moment, we forgot about all the other stuff. What a magical way to end the week. Oh, and did I mention the bald eagle that flew over us? I love Vermont. Wishing you all a great weekend.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 4.15.23

The search for the perfect non-hard pants is over. These straight leg cotton/linen blend pants from Alex Mill are SO good. They’re so soft, comfortable, light, and overall amazing. Also they shipped super fast. I ordered a size up and they’re a little loose but perfect. -Jess

Why aren’t Twitter and TikTok easier to quit? It has to do with network effects. Related, NPR is officially the first prominent news organization to leave Twitter. (NPR)

Ok who else is watching Beef on Netflix? I will be so sad when it’s over. -Jess

Black women are taught to be twice as good, but we learn that we have to be thrice as cunning and four times as strategic if we want to get anywhere. We very rarely stumble on success. It is a series of careful decisions plus a dash of luck.” (The Cut)

Ending this weekend, it’s 20% off at Katie Waltman Jewelry with code BIRTHDAY, one of my favorite affordable jewelry brands. I wear the beaded gold bracelet everyday and I also love my pearl necklace.

In sad news, fortune cookie writers might be losing their jobs to A.I. (Food & Wine)

Ok so this Vitamin C facial oil isn’t cheap and I had never even heard of the brand, but I got a bottle in a PR mailing and it’s incredible. It’s super light but incredibly hydrating, it doesn’t clog my pores. It also melts into skin and I don’t know if I’ll use any other facial oil ever again. Seriously it’s that good. –Jess

Virtual reality promised us a new world. Instead, it’s become a breeding ground for harassment. (Elle)

Stacy Flynn’s trailblazing technology makes old textile fibers new again—and even better than they were before. Brands like Levi’s and Zara are already on board. (Inc.)

The Sézane Le Crop jeans are back in stock!

Just in case you’re confused about the new abortion decision about mifepristone. (Vox)

Ivanka Trump’s downfall is looking a lot like Shiv Roy’s. (Glamour)

I have a Negative code! Use code JESSANN10 for 10% off. My favorites for spring are the cotton bra cami, and the whipped long sleeve.

Paul Schrader’s very Paul Schrader days in assisted living. (Curbed)

Stephanie Danler’s Substack is fantastic. Definitely subscribe if you’re into great writing and also conversations about great writing! -Caylin

Maybe the smartest parenting move we’ve seen related to social media. (Buzzfeed News)

My custom converse were a very good decision. They were so comfortable right out of the box. I live in them. If making a pair is too overwhelming they also have several styles to choose from.

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  1. Sharon wrote:

    I have kids the same age as Jen Garner’s and I 100% respect her decision not to allow her kids to have social media. The reality however for those of us with high school kids is that so much of their lives take place there… all prom/grad prep and organization, promotion of school activities etc. that if your kids are not on social media, they really are left out. I have decided to treat the topic of social media very much the same way as the topic of drugs/sex/alcohol which means that we have very open and honest conversations…. social media is not going anywhere so I feel like arming your kids with knowledge and boundaries may be a better approach than outright telling them that they cannot participate. Just my 2 cents.

    4.16.23 | Reply
  2. I have children who are about the same age as Jen Garner’s, and I fully endorse her choice to prohibit her children from using social media.

    3.13.24 | Reply

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