Click. Read. Love. 3.26.21

By Jess & Caylin
26 Mar 2021

Happy Friday. We are back in Rhode Island. Made the drive on Wednesday (and we officially have a toddler that gets carsick). I feel so bad she is such a trooper about it, but every time we do the drive now she gets sick, any tips welcome (we already turned her carseat front facing). It feels really good to be back. RI and Vermont are so different and there’s so much to love about both. Driving by the beach yesterday and breathing in the salty air, it’s just so soothing. Now that we’re back we are going to focus on finishing projects here (it never ends) and getting this house ready to rent (eventually). No plans for this weekend. Hoping to bring Marin to the beach at some point and maybe the park. I have to say these longer days are so nice. Nothing makes you notice seasonal depression more than an extra hour of daylight and a sunny day above 60 degrees. Happy spring!

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 3.26.21

Women are harmed every day by invisible men—if you love Rebecca Solnit as much as I do, this piece is required reading. But also, it makes incredibly wonderful points about the lack of responsibility that’s placed on men in our society. (C)

In honor of Equal Pay Day, here are five things men can do to help close the gender pay gap.

A good overview on how we could reduce shootings in the US.

How The Black Panthers Party free breakfast program laid the groundwork for modern activism.

How to reboot your brain after chronic stress.

Marin’s Easter “basket” is going to be this L.L. Bean Tote (I got the large with long handles). These totes last FOREVER and they’re made in Maine.

I didn’t know much about Billie Eilish but stumbled upon the documentary following her journey as she recorded and released her debut album. It was a heartwarming, raw and emotional look at what it’s like to go from an unknown teen to a worldwide superstar. (J)

What it was like to take a writing class with Annie Dillard?

I went on Maisonette to get Marin some spring/summer clothes and ended up buying this hat for myself, oops. Definitely a splurge for me for a sun hat, but I love the interchangeable ribbon and I think it’ll be great for the beach/gardening. (J)

This essay about the five stages of quarantine cooking was hilarious.

OK, I can’t help but plug my friend’s book again, I’ve been reading my copy of Night Rooms and it’s so wonderful! Plus, it’s published through an independent press and has been getting a lot of love lately. Here’s a Q&A my friend did for it too. (C)

A true crime story on Molly Martens Corbett that explores the myth of the perfect victim.

Probably more excited than I should be about these sandals for spring and summer. I’m a 7(ish) and got the 7/8 and they fit perfectly. (J)

A few months ago we posted a short article about Ann Lowe, who designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress. This New Yorker piece has stunning visuals and is a deeper dive into Ann’s career and accomplishments.

We are back in RI, and I am reunited with my spring/summer wardrobe. The AYR striped button down remains one of my favorite things in my wardrobe. See me wearing it here (with Nora, sigh). It runs big.

How fun is this new pasta shape?!

This Patagonia fleece Marin has was just restocked. It’s so lightweight and warm, perfect for spring and chilly summer nights. Made from recycled materials too.

Venus Williams’ essay on sexism was incredibly moving.

The print on this Sezane blouse is so pretty for spring and summer.

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  1. Meg wrote:

    Lifetime motion sickness sufferer! Nothing worked for me except medication when I as younger. Once Marin is old enough, Bonine is amazing. Never got sick while using it, and also didn’t lose an entire day to the drowsiness like I did with Dramamine. Dramamine was still better than nothing, though, and there is a Dramamine for kids approved for ages 2 and up!

    3.26.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Ugh bummer so sorry that sucks! I had it as a kid but grew out of it by my teens. Thank you I’ll look into those.

      3.28.21 | Reply
  2. Lynn wrote:

    Jess are you moving full time to Woodstock ? Seeing u say you were renting the RI house did you mean for the fall and winter? I may have misunderstood. Are those new sandals narrow like for our feet. I’m an exact 8 so should I go to an 8-9 if you are a 7. So darn cute! Thanks

    3.26.21 | Reply
  3. Valerie L. wrote:

    You are not going to believe this … but, I bought boat totes for my two little boys “Easter baskets” this year! Great minds? I have an extra large tote that is turning 11 this year! Love them!

    3.28.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Great minds! I am so excited to fill it with cute things for her. I did nothing for Easter, or really any holidays thus far so I really feel like I have my act together for this one haha!

      3.28.21 | Reply
  4. Tiki Taka Toe wrote:

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    3.7.24 | Reply
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    By embracing gaming as a diverse and multifaceted medium

    3.7.24 | Reply

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