Click. Read. Love. 3.13.20

By Caylin Harris
13 Mar 2020
Click. Read. Love. 3.13.20

Hi friends. It feels really good to be back, though I wish the circumstances were different. There’s no denying what is happening right now is scary. Please take care of yourselves and check in on the people who need it. We’ve included some information on Coronavirus and other helpful resources below. Thanks for all of your love and support while I was on maternity leave and a huge thank you to Caylin for holding it down so I was able to step away and enjoy time with my newborn. Be well. xx Jess

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 3.13.20

Coronavirus resources:

How Outdoor Voices went from the start-up to watch to totally imploding.

My number one must-have baby item is this swivel, recliner chair and it’s on major sale right now. We put it in our living room because it’s too big for the nursery and we both live in it. I got the basketweave slub ash because I wanted it right away but I love the linen and performance slub cotton if you have time to wait. (J)

Saie Beauty does it again. Their glowy super gel goes on super light and gives the most gorgeous dewy glow. I wear it all over with their dew balm in bronze nectar.

I’m partnering with Brooklinen this month and they gave me a promo code for you guys. Use code JESSANN20 for $20 off orders $100+. I have the classic hardcore sheet bundle in white with the windowpane duvet cover. They are SO soft and cozy. It’s a pretty incredible deal for a full sheet set, duvet cover and extra pillowcases.

75 percent of high-achievers have this in common.

Some of you may remember when I applied for the Sephora Squad last year (a year long partnership with Sephora). Thousands of you wrote testimonials on my behalf, and then I wasn’t chosen. It was a bummer. I wrote a post about it. But not being chosen pushed me to hone in on the direction I wanted to take my business and I am grateful for that. They’ve opened applications again this year and I have reapplied. I’d be so grateful if you could leave me a testimonial here. Thank you. (J)

This slow-roasted citrus salmon looks like an easy weeknight meal.

I watched The Pharmacist on Netflix over the weekend and it was so good. (C)

Pull out the tissues for this one. This is a series of photographs from The New Yorker of the photographer’s parents waving good-bye over the years.

These spicy tahini noodles with honeyed sweet potatoes are on my must-make list for the next week. There are great GF noodle options! (C)

How to emotionally detach from work.

When I cleaned out my wardrobe last year I got rid of ALL of my heels. They were too high and impractical for my lifestyle. I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable and versatile pair ever since. These slingbacks from Everlane might be the ones. I love the embossed snake.

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    This article on Social distancing was excellent. It didn’t mention going to your Doctor for those yearly well check-ups like mine that are overdue in my case my Mammogram. I need to go to my ObGyn to get a script and then to the women’s center. It’s always crowded at the Dr with moms and children and the Women’s Center as well. I simply don’t know what appointments to wait on since we fit in the “default group” as far as going out , shopping, etc. it’s so scary and we are trying to make safe decisions. Great to have you back Jess❤️

    3.13.20 | Reply
  2. Barbara wrote:

    Those photographs! How poignant and meaningful.

    3.14.20 | Reply
  3. Jill wrote:

    Thank you for sharing these articles! I am having trouble feeling calm with all the changes the corona virus has brought. My college classes have been moved online for the rest of the semester. I’m thankful that we are taking the measures to protect our health and the health of the elderly population, but it’s hard not to be scared in these uncertain times. I hope you and your family stay safe <3


    3.16.20 | Reply
  4. amy wrote:

    Hi JessAnn,

    If you are chosen for the Sephora Squad, will you be comfortable with the fact that the majority of the products they sell are not clean and actually contain very toxic ingredients? I ask this only because I admire so much the commitment you have made on your website to bring light to the benefits of clean skincare and beauty products.

    3.21.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I know for me personally, if I’m chosen, I’m not going to change my stance on the products I use and would be willing to test/promote. That said, just because Sephora doesn’t carry exclusively clean products doesn’t mean I wouldn’t shop there. I think they’re a great company and they also support a lot of smaller clean beauty brands which exposes them to a much broader audience that they might not otherwise reach. Hope that helps answer your question. xx

      3.23.20 | Reply

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