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Happy March? Everyone’s least favorite month no? If you’re in New England, probably yes. We got another little dusting of snow this week with possibly more on the way. How much more KonMari’ing can one do? We are planning on tackling our kitchen though, and organizing the drawers, cabinets, fridge, etc., thrilling stuff really (but I’ll be sure to document as I am sure there are others out there who love organization as much as I do). Wishing all of you a great weekend.

Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…

What if the secret to better health and relationship with your body was about not restricting your diet?

The Shopbop sale ends tomorrow! Here’s the capsule wardrobe pieces you can shop up to 25% off.

True crime lovers—you’ve most likely heard the news story about the Kayak Killer. Now she’s on parole and trying to prove her innocence.

You guys, Cozy Ranch Radio is making a comeback! We took a mini hiatus to focus on some other projects but the podcast will be back weekly mid-March. Based on your feedback, we’re going to be focusing primarily on home/decor/diy/reno topics. Send us any requests or questions on Instagram.

The best TV shows of 2019 so far.

The secret lives of Facebook moderators—spoiler: it’s terrifying.

Was nodding in agreement reading this post from Grace on career advice.

What to say when you don’t know what to say.

A funny, refreshingly honest review of three popular workout apps.

I got this posture fixing gadget and lost it in my own home before I tested it (note to self: find it this weekend). Here’s Grace’s review.

March horoscopes are in.

You’ll want to make all ten of the BA’s most popular recipes from February.

The manuka honey cleansing balm from Naturopathica literally SAVED my skin this week. It’s 20% off right now with code REFRESH. I also love the cherry enzyme peel.

This closing statement at the Michael Cohen hearing was very powerful.

The top 5 healthiest countries in the world all have something in common.

Butter that tastes like the real thing but isn’t? Tell us more.

Thirty soup recipes that will get you through the rest of winter.

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  1. thanks for including me!

    3.1.19 | Reply
  2. Heather wrote:

    Thank you so much for sharing the cleansing balm this week! It’s been a true skin savior after only a few days. Plus the scent is heavenly!

    3.3.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Happy to hear it. I can’t stop using it, I keep thinking I’ll switch back to another cleanser but it’s just too good.

      3.4.19 | Reply
  3. Melissa wrote:

    I love the sweater at the top of the post! Where can I get it!?

    3.3.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      It’s from Anthro but unfortunately sold out.

      3.4.19 | Reply
  4. Bike Race wrote:

    The sweater at the top of the post is fantastic! Where can I find it?

    3.3.23 | Reply

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