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By Caylin Harris
15 Nov 2019

OMG third trimester pregnancy insomnia is setting in. Right when I said I was feeling good, the midnight to 3am wake-up kicked in. I guess it’s getting me ready for sleep deprivation with an infant. In other news, it has been crazy around here, in a good way, between work and house projects, so I’m ready to start the weekend early, as in now at 8am. Wishful thinking, but I’m excited for some down time the next two days, and to plan our menu for Thanksgiving. Hope all of you have a great weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

This article about the early cast of SNL and Carrie Fisher and John Belushi’s friendship was wild.

Holiday gift guides are here. You can find them all in one place at the Holiday tab on the homepage (along with other holiday content), they’ll be going live through next week.

If you need ideas for a vegan Thanksgiving.

You must read this fertility spectrum series over on Refinery29, they cover a range of circumstances and stories.

Heartbreaking and eye-opening, an editor I know recently wrote this story about how her husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor right after their wedding. It’s a beautiful reminder to never forget what’s truly important. (C)

Sezane’s winter collection drops Sunday and it’s composed of four times more eco-friendly materials than last year.

This apple tarte tatin is a stunning additional to your Thanksgiving menu.

So like, what makes you tick?

An unvarnished look at the struggle some veterans face every day.

Farmacy Beauty gave me an exclusive code for you guys to shop their Black Friday sale a week early (starting tomorrow 11/16). Use code JESSANNKIRBY for 20% off any order or 30% off orders $120+. My top pick is their honeymoon glow resurfacing serum and the honey butter beeswax lip balm. I’m ordering their deodorant to try as I’m always looking for good natural options.

If freezing temps have you feeling the winter blues, check out Marston House’s winter home in Provence. It’s the perfect mental vacation.

The Crown is back on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lighten the holiday load, these canned cocktails cut down on prep work and actually taste good.

Even more holiday table inspo in addition to this week’s post.

If you like Fleabag, you might want to check out Crashing on Netflix. It’s also by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

Have you ever heard of a love language? Here’s why they might be the most important thing to understand for a successful relationship.

Change your mindset and you might just enjoy winter.

One of the many theories on why Instagram is hiding likes, hint: it’s not because they care about the mental health of their users. 

Half Baked Harvest’s Thanksgiving Menu looks SO GOOD.

Backcountry’s Big Brand Sale is on through the weekend. The Patagonia Down With it Parka is 30% off (I have a small and recommend sizing up). You can see how it fits me in this post. Craig got me this fleece a few years ago for Christmas and it’s SUPER warm but definitely also recommend going at least one size up. I also just got these smartwool socks and they’re so soft and warm.

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  1. Mel wrote:

    Have you tried unisom for insomnia? I have to take it every pregnancy for nausea in the first trimester (I take a half a one as a whole one makes me drowsy in the morning). My midwife confirmed I could take it in my third trimester so that I could sleep at night and it helped soooo much. I took a whole one the night I thought I *might* be in labor and slept 11 hours woke up feeling like a million dollars, super recharged and had a killer, drug-free labor with a ton of energy. Worth asking your doc/midwife about.

    And yes to love languages! My husband and I discovered real early we have opposite love languages (i’m touch and words of affirmation) he’s acts of service and gifts and thankfully we’re both quality time. The problem is we were loving each other in ways we like to be loved. He bought me gifts and did things for me and I showered him in poetic words, compliments and kisses. We both only ‘sort of’ felt loved. Now we love each other in each others languages, and also know that when we’re being loved in our individual languagues, it’s still love.

    11.15.19 | Reply

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