Click. Read. Love. 11.11.22

By Jess & Caylin
11 Nov 2022
Click. Read. Love. 11.11.22

Thank you to all military veterans and their families on this Veterans Day. We are headed to RI this weekend for Craig’s Dad’s last football game (he’s retiring this year as a teacher and coach). He’s had an amazing career and I’m sure it’s going to be a big day of celebrations for him. Looking forward to seeing friends and family this weekend (and getting my hair done, lol).

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 11.11.22

Here’s what’s happening with Georgia’s midterm elections. (Elle)

This sparkle wash eyeshadow from Jones Road in Midas is so pretty and fun for the holidays (I’m already wearing it every day). – Jess

There’s nothing better than an actual, honest-to-goodness plan when it comes to fixing a problem. So here’s how to split up chores fairly with your S.O. (NPR)

I love eye masks but hate the waste. These new biodegradable eye masks from Three Ships are AMAZING. – Jess

Five things Google’s AI bot said that convinced an engineer that it was sentient. (TIME)

Just in case you need this…No, you’re not a s#!tty parent. (Maisonette)

Eating these fruits might help you get a better night sleep. (Well + Good)

The history makers in 2022 elections. And go Gen Z! Way to show up. (CNN)

The super thin ideal never went away. (New York Times)

For true crime podcast fans, Season 2 of Culpable is out!

“Too often, we imagine life to be like the hero’s journey, and leave out its crucial last step: letting go.” God, Arthur C. Brooks is fantastic, no? (The Atlantic)

My Faherty code ends tomorrow! Get 20% off with code JESSKIRBY. This sweater is so gorgeous and cozy. Love this henley too.

Oy. Sadie Robertson preaches submissive womanhood. (Cosmopolitan)

Just in case anyone else loves The Velveteen Rabbit…as you know it’s always been more than a kid’s book. – Caylin (Vulture)

While food companies want to blame rising costs on inflation, that’s not the whole story for some of them. (Bon Appetit)

Tips for hosting an easy birthday party. (Cup of Jo)

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    The post on the Velveteen Rabbit made me cry . . I do remember reading it to my kids but I never truly understood the real meaning . My son raised rabbits and he showed them ( French Lops) at 4H when we lived on our farm in the Berkshires . Until a few weeks before his death as an adult he was building a hutch for two of those same breed bunnies he was expecting . He even had a French Lop Rabbit in his apartment that ate the carpet as a pretty much in his 40’s adult. I don’t know if he ever got the meaning , but it made me think and cry. Thank you so much for posting it ❤️

    11.12.22 | Reply

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