Click. Read. Love. 10.8.23

By Jess & Caylin
8 Oct 2023

Happy Sunday. It was a soggy day yesterday and I’m heading to the Cape this morning for my bestie’s baby shower. Looking forward to some time with friends. Speaking of, I had an event Friday night for local ladies and it was so much fun. It’s clear there is such a craving for women to have opportunities to gather. I am brainstorming more ways to do that.

More to come on that and some other things! My ABLE collab launches this week and newsletter subscribers get first access. Sign up here.

Here’s the best of the week. – Jess & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 10.8.23

A creepy local Rhode Island tale for Halloween.

“Our culture rewards women for being perpetually pleasant, self-sacrificing, and emotionally in control, and it can feel counterintuitive for my clients to say “no”—or firmly assert their wants and needs. But my work is about helping them realize that their health might literally depend on it.” (TIME)

On why we don’t all need to be walked through the menu at every restaurant. (Bon Appetit)

Kids and teens are inundated with phone notifications. What is it doing to their brains? (NBC News)

Definitely adding this book “Birth Control” to my reading list, but loved this interview with Allison Yarrow and the Matriarchy Report on why childbirth should not be a battlefield.

Walking While Black is part of Ziwe’s debut essay collection. (The Cut)

Say good-bye to the love triangle and hello to the throuple. (Cosmo)

With everyone throwing around therapy jargon it’s pretty common to hear people mention boundaries, but does the average person even know what they are? (The Washington Post)

The whole Taylor Swift-NFL cross-promotion thing is starting to feel icky. Glad someone’s saying it. (Vox)

How a college education is defining America’s social divide. (The Atlantic)

Have you heard of functional medicine? (The Good Trade)

Books you don’t want to miss in October. (Booklist Queen)


I don’t understand how there’s another (?) Prime Day…but Pact is having their own version and their entire site is on sale! Their organic cotton terry sweatpants are the best. I wear them with the matching sweatshirt.

This Innersense detox hair mask is really nice and great for itchy scalps.

Such a pretty fall lip gloss!

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