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By Jess & Caylin
7 Oct 2022
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Happy Friday. This week was quite frankly, a blur. Our trip to San Francisco is about a week away now and as the first time traveling with a toddler I’m getting a little anxious about it. Trying to remind myself it’ll be what it’ll be. Easier said than done. Ready for a low key weekend that will likely involve all the fall things because if Woodstock knows how to do anything, it’s how to get in the spirit of the season.

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 10.7.22

A beautiful essay on the stages of grief, specifically anger, after dealing with a loss.

“If there’s a particular kind of guy who is not having a great time right now, it’s the Wife Guy—a guy who has built an entire brand, or at least a running bit, around how much he loves his wife.” 

For anyone who has lived in New England in the fall

I am so happy the fanny pack made a comeback. I’ve been wearing this fleece one from Lululemon everyday. (Jess)

Currently reading Rachel Yoder’s Nightbitch and it is fantastically fun. This is the book to get for a new mom in need of a laugh. (Caylin)

If you survived the early 2000s without body issues, congratulations! TW: Article discusses edit culture, EDs and weight stigma.

When the American educational landscape is so obviously a pay-to-win game, how can we dare to call it a meritocracy?

Cute shoe alert. I got these wool-lined clogs and they are SO comfortable and chic. I sized up to an 8 (normally a 7/7.5).

How Barack Obama’s love of jazz changed his speechwriter’s life.

My childhood under Northern Ireland’s abortion ban. Where do its consequences begin and end?

The most fun part of watching Hocus Pocus 2 was seeing how much of Newport was featured in the film. Those bridge shots though!

The risks of relying on positive social media reviews to build your brand.

We don’t deserve Alice Hoffman and this beloved cult classic.

These shearling lined boots I’ve had for a few years are 25% off! I have my true size.

With the midterm election just weeks away, all eyes are on some of the most newly-engaged voters in the country: women.

“It’s difficult to assert (and sometimes, even to understand) our authentic maternal identities in a culture which determinedly foists a one-size-fits-nobody straightjacket of motherhood onto all of us.”

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    There wasn’t anything I didn’t like reading here . There was no room on the other comment site , but I loved the article about grief so much. My dad died at 98. He was a large presence in my life . He was loved by everyone . He made everyone laugh . He danced and told jokes and he played his harmonica. He was brash too. We thought he would live forever . He died one night peacefully in his sleep and I think he thought about meeting my mom again who he loved since he was 16. My mom’s death was sudden from an undetected Pancreatic Cancer disease and we were all shocked and devastated. I’m glad that they didn’t see my son die slowly over 2 years . The grief and the why’s when he could have lived almost feel like he certainly killed himself with alcohol addiction . That heartbreak will never end for a mother . I doubt I’ll ever be the sane again . My perfect baby, so good throughout his life was broken inside in ways I didn’t know. Sometimes the waves wash over me at a tiny suggestion of his name or a picture that catches my eye . I crumble . I know he didn’t want this for himself or me , but when I hold him again , I’ll sure that I will be home . 🥲

    10.10.22 | Reply

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