Click. Read. Love. 10.28.23

By Jess & Caylin
28 Oct 2023

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Happy Saturday. It was a heavy week. Yesterday I went to a yoga class with Kelley that was part movement, part meditation, part journaling. Despite the sadness and heaviness of the past few weeks there was a joy and lightness in the room. We all talked about our own struggles to find joy, connection, and balance amidst tragedy. I referenced this podcast, one of my favorite’s when I need a reminder of how to do that. I left with such a sense of gratitude, practicing yoga in Vermont overlooking the river and cows grazing in a grass field just beyond as our view. Those pockets of peace are so important as fuel to keep going, and remember that to create change and spread more love into the world, we have to nurture it within ourselves. Wishing you all a great weekend.

Here’s the best of the week. – Caylin and Jess

Click. Read. Love. 10.28.23

read. watch. listen.

With hate crimes and antisemitic acts on the rise, it is crucial for parents of all faiths to talk about this prejudice against Jewish people with their kids. Here are some concrete ways to have this discussion. (Parents)

What messages do you repeat over and over to your kids? (Cup of Jo)

Vermont, along with 32 other states, are suing Meta for “harming young people and contributing to the youth mental health crisis by knowingly and deliberately designing features on Instagram and Facebook that addict children to its platforms.” (AP)

Why you should leave your dead leaves on the ground this fall. (National Geographic)

This post about women having it all had me cracking up. -Caylin

35 cozy soup recipes! (The Everygirl)

A Maine Democrat changed his position on assault weapons after a mass shooting. (The Hill)

“While it helps to have those stories acknowledged and told, it can feel like we’ve been reduced to our worst moments. For some Indigenous people, the new Martin Scorsese film Killers of the Flower Moon is bringing up similar feelings.” (The Root)

This podcast explores the story of Osage Nation, and how over decades, a system helped along by policies created by the US government, moved wealth from Native hands to White ones. (Bloomberg)

On the huge strain training for the NYC marathon can put on a relationship. (NYT)

Getting sick of self-checkout? (The Atlantic)

As the horrors mounted in Israel and Palestine, in America we did what we do best: We issued statements. Then we found fault with those statements and issued new statements. (NYMag)

How Dr. Becky is helping to reshape parenting. (The New Yorker)

How an old rotary phone helps people cope with grief. (NPR)

So late to this party, but The Morning Show on Apple TV is so well done, especially the first season. –Caylin


My entire ABLE collab is 40% off but only from now until 10/30! Use code JAKHOLIDAY40 to get 40% off your entire ABLE purchase. The Liz Half Zip Pullover has been the most popular. If you’re looking for a tunic/dress the Alexandria is so cozy and the Ruth blouse is incredibly chic but so comfy.

I wanted a straight leg cropped jean to wear with boots this winter and these are SO comfy. A nice amount of stretch and they fit true to size.

Love these cords from Pact for fall and winter! Use code JAK15 for 15% off your first order.

The Sézane winter collection! I love all the color, and corduroy.

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