Click. Read. Love. 10.21.22

By Jess & Caylin
21 Oct 2022
Click. Read. Love. 10.21.22 | san francisco tiled steps

Happy Friday from San Francisco. My brother got married yesterday and it was an absolute perfect intimate small ceremony followed by a gorgeous reception dinner. I’m so happy for him and my new sister-in-law. We have a few more days here before we head back to Vermont and I’m trying to fit in ALL the good food during our stay. We’ve already had so many amazing meals it’s hard to keep track. The weather has also been incredible and it’s been fun to get back here, especially since the last time I was here was 3 years ago and right before I got pregnant. Next up is bringing Marin to Marin.

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 10.21.22

What happened to Maya? “When a ten-year-old girl complained of mysterious pain, a doctor suspected child abuse. How far would she go to prove it?”

The search for the most comfortable bra is over. Negative Underwear is non-underwire but super supportive. My favorites are the Triangle Bra and Glace Bra. I also love the Whipped Turtleneck. They rarely do discounts but you can use code JESS10 for 10% off your order.

If you’re looking for a list of movie, TV, and book recommendations for fall look no further.

On alternate paths in life

I just discovered this outerwear brand and they have a ton of cute vegan wool and puffy coats. I ordered the winter parka from Madewell because it’s marked down on their site.

Why are kids so sad? Spoiler, it’s not technology. In fact the reason might surprise you.

It’s the annual CREDO sale and it’s 20% off on a bunch of clean beauty brands. I ordered this cream powder eyeshadow from Jones Road, this shimmery liquid eyeshadow, and the Miracle Balm. Follain brand is also on sale including my favorite Vitamin C serum.

If you don’t know about Moms for Liberty, this is a must-read. They’re slowly gaining control on school boards and are working to do everything from banning books to dismantling public education completely.

Some working mom real talk. An old essay, but it makes some very relatable points.

This is the salad I want to eat all autumn long. (Caylin)

Maybe the one thing we should all be reading about Olivia Wilde this week.

Also, glad that we’re all learning to make homemade vinaigrette, but let’s give a round of applause for the source material. I highly recommend Nora Ephron’s Heartburn. (Caylin)

What’s the black hole information paradox? A little science lesson.

Some interesting thoughts from a psychologist on dealing with our kids bad behavior.

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  1. Karen wrote:

    Hi Jess! I live about 20 miles south of San Francisco and our weather is in the 60s most of the year. Mornings can be very foggy and wet but the fog usually burns off and temps are consistently moderate. Can you suggest some staple wardrobe pieces? Maybe some comfy coastal Grandmother / work casual / taking kids to the park? Layers are always welcome.

    10.21.22 | Reply
  2. Lynn wrote:

    I love San Francisco. I went to a Wedding years ago high on a Hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge at night. The house was a wood charming Chalet and the food was catered Vegetarian on a Thanksgiving Day . So cool and such a gorgeous cool couple eh were my relatives to be I would love to see what you wore . I sent my shocking pink/orange sneakers back. Did you love yours ? I got your slides . Love them . Have fun!!!

    10.24.22 | Reply
  3. Stacia wrote:

    Here-here for the shout-out to your recommendation to read Heartburn. I have been listening to all the Ephron sisters’ books on audible for my frequent and long road trips. They are especially great when the writer is reading them. Meryl Streep reads Heartburn so that one is obviously special! Hallie Ephron is a mystery writer also!

    10.24.22 | Reply

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