Click. Read. Love. 10.14.22

By Jess & Caylin
14 Oct 2022
Woodstock foggy morning | Click. Read. Love. 10.14.22

Good foggy, rainy morning from Woodstock. I needed a day like this to stay inside and get as much done as possible before we head to California. Wish me luck on my first flight with a toddler. I have all the snacks and tons of surprise activities packed for the flight (and of course an iPad loaded with shows). I’ll be mostly unplugged and offline next week (yay) but there’s plenty of content scheduled and lots of great posts coming up on the blog. Also if you’re not signed up, there’s a new weekly series for my newsletter subscribers, I’ll be sharing style and wardrobe tips every Monday. You can subscribe here.

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 10.14.22

Saie has a new Glowy Super Gel duo and it’s only $22! This product is hands down my best beauty “secret” for glowing skin.

Is the best networking advice to be a croissant and not a bagel?

If you’re in the market for new bedding my Boll & Branch code KIRBY20 is still good for 20% off your purchase.

A collection of wellness rituals.

If you’re a fan of Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive, then her recent essay for Vogue is a must-read. TW: Sexual assault, gun violence

We definitely posted that creepy true crime story about The Watcher here, since then it’s been made into a mini series for Netflix. But here’s everything we know about this case four years later.

This camel coat from Sézane is so gorg.

I just started listening to the podcast Donor 9623 and it’s an eye opening look at the world of assisted reproduction. I had no idea how little oversight there was over the entire industry.

A fun new newsletter to check out— Wallflower Chats.

An Iranian woman explains how to support Iran’s feminist protests.

Affordable online therapy—lots of people we know have been having issues finding local therapy support.

These winter boots I got for Marin are 40% off. They seem great for snow and she’s able to get them on and off by herself.

Michelle Obama on why we’re in a make it or break it moment for girls’ education.

If meal planning isn’t your thing, this is a version you might be able to get behind. Consider it meal strategies instead of a concrete plan.

I know I keep talking about CQY Denim but they’re so comfortable and such great quality. This pair is my favorite at the moment. I go a size up in their jeans. They look really cool cuffed with a pair of booties.

Growing up with an almond mom. TW: Eating disorders, diet culture, and weight stigma

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