Click. Read. Love. 10.13.23

By Jess & Caylin
13 Oct 2023

My heart is heavy this morning as I am sure yours are too. I spent time on the phone yesterday with a CEO who has family (and friends) in Israel. He shared some of what he and his family are going through right now and it took everything in me not to break down in tears. I also think it was important for me to just listen. It was clear he needed a moment to share what he was thinking and feeling. While he was afraid and deeply saddened for his family in Israel, he also was heartbroken for innocent Palestinians suffering in this war.

There’s no denying this conflict is difficult to navigate both online and off, but empathy, active listening, and checking in on one another costs nothing. Please also take care of yourselves. The barrage of violence in the news cycle and on social media can seriously affect your mental health. It’s ok to take breaks, sign off, and check in with yourself.

Here’s the best of the week… – Caylin and Jess

Click. Read. Love. 10.13.23

A must read. A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is Doomed. (NY Mag)

Whatever happened to empathy? (The Atlantic)

“It brings me no joy to report this, but I have to say it: Taylor Swift fatigue is nigh.” (Glamour)

A heartbreaking and worthwhile read on childhood cancer, the doctors who treat it and what happens to the children who survive it. (NY Times)

There are no rules. States and quasi-states are using extreme, uninhibited violence against civilian populations. (The Atlantic)

Rich people aren’t going to save us. Why big philanthropy is a scam. (Teen Vogue)

A fairly epic sibling Halloween costume.

A teen in an anti-trans state. One family’s quest to find gender-affirming care for their teen. (New Yorker)

Have you heard of this common intimacy killer? (NYT)

An old but important read on why so many people don’t understand anti-semitism. (The Atlantic)

For decades, Hamas and Israel have maintained a violent equilibrium. How will the war change that paradigm? (The New Yorker)

WeightWatchers, the company that sold us all on dieting is apologizing for some of their harmful rhetoric. (WSJ)

Who runs the top performing school system in the US? The Pentagon. (Axios)

If anyone else is as fatigued by dinner as I am…(Cup of Jo)

How are parents of teenagers supposed to have sex now that their kids stay up later than they do. A true conundrum. (The Cut)

Think I need to make this apple cider donut loaf cake this weekend.

Very soon, your nearest abortion clinic might not have a real address or a phone number or a front door. But it could have an engine and wheels. Cosmo takes the first in-depth look at the undercover mobile clinics steering the future of abortion care. (Cosmo)


IYCMI my ABLE collab launched this week. Use JAK15 for 15% off. Here’s all the details about the collection including fabric, fit, and styling.

A fellow Vermonter and friend just published this wonderful children’s book called Hope Beneath the Tree. Marin loves it and has been asking me to read it every night before bed. It has such a beautiful message and would make a great gift for any child.

Halfdays just launched their new ski and snowboard collection for this winter. I love their gear, it’s so functional but also incredibly chic for snow sports.

The trail running shoes I love are on sale in a few colors.

If you have a little one that loves to play dress up there’s lots of cute options on sale at Maisonette.

Get up to 50% off kids and baby outerwear. If you’re looking for snow gear I love the Kuling brand.

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