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How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
28 Jan 2022

Happy Friday! It was a busy and productive week and I’m looking forward to totally unplugging and having a chill weekend. There’s a big storm coming to New England so I hope everyone stays safe and warm. Lots of great links and reads this week. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess and Kelley

Yesterday marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here are a collection of stories from survivors.

This lavender chamomile mist from the Body Deli is the perfect treat to spritz on your face for a relaxing nights sleep or you could try the eucalyptus rosemary scent for something more revitalizing in the morning ? (Kelley)

Huge congrats to Maxey on her gorgeous dress collection with Baacal. The prints are so beautiful.

The truth behind Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural poem reading and why she almost didn’t perform.

Hospital greed is destroying our nurses. A must watch.

My mom got me this paint by numbers kit for Christmas and it is perfect for those of us who have zero artistic talent but love the idea of creating a work of art. Also, it is incredibly relaxing and could totally become part of a morning ritual. (Kelley)

How to heal our national exhaustion.

If you haven’t already, watch Don’t Look Up, this article explains how we can get caught up in our own world and lose sight of the bigger picture.

My skin is in full on dry, middle of winter mode and this body butter from Talula is the best. A little goes a long way and I love the subtle scent. (Jess)

Is having a favorite child a bad thing?

A few easy stretches you can do before bed to improve sleep.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a cozy teddy coat I love this style from Madewell (looks like the one I have by STAND Studio) and it’s 20% off sale with code FLASH. (Jess)

It all started with Bernie Sanders in his parka and mittens at the presidential inauguration. How old Jewish men became the viral sensation of 2021.

I’ve been a big Modern Love fan for awhile now… Here are a few quick reads (less than 100 words) to get your dose of love for the day ? (Kelley)

Looking to step up your brunch game this weekend? This green shakshuka with avocado and lime looks delish!

The beautiful story of one couple’s path to parenthood.

This episode of The Daily breaks down some fascinating data from a poll that shines light on the difference in opinion over COVID by age, vaccination status and politics.

If you’re feeling a bit SAD these days or struggling with seasonal affective disorder… this might help.

Workers have few protections during the trauma of miscarriage.

I just invested in my second Flylow Mia jacket, because after 5 years of wear and tear it was time for an update. This jacket is perfect for layering during the winter and I love that it is nice and long for lengthy arms and some bum coverage. I got it in plum and it’s on sale! (Kelley)

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  1. C wrote:

    Hi Jess-
    The YouTube video on hospital greed really resonated with me. I have worked at a widely known, nationally renowned hospital for 24 years. It was my first job and I started right after high school graduation and worked all through college then full time. I’ve done various jobs there the whole time in the same department. During the start of the pandemic I was working as an outpatient tech with no access to gloves, masks, or hand sanitizer. The hospital did not care about our safety- it was strictly about continuing to bring in as many patients per day as we could and I understand that we still need to make money but the employees were begging for some assistance at that point and were scared at the beginning of the pandemic. I continued to show up every single day helping all of my patients after working for seven months straight in pandemic conditions with no help and no regard for my safety they cut my position. I was a dedicated employee and I always put patients first. I came to work every day and tried to put the patients at ease about Covid even though we all knew little about it. The CEO of the hospital was making $6 million a year and if they took a little bit less they wouldn’t of had to lay anyone off. I feel lucky that I was able to secure another position because I was worried about not having health insurance. It was honestly so eye-opening. I feel for nurses and honestly any healthcare worker. There are many times during the work week where we are abused because they never want to turn patients away for their bad behavior because they want to make money off of their exams.

    1.30.22 | Reply

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