Click. Read. Love. 1.27.23

By Jess & Caylin
27 Jan 2023
Click. Read. Love. 1.27.23 - Jess snowboarding

Happy Friday. Somehow it felt like a long and a short week at the same time. Snow storms and snow days plus a very quick trip to RI for me. Tuesday we took the day off and Craig and I went to Killington for a morning of snowboarding. It was so nice. The news lately has been so heavy. Even off of Instagram (which truly has been incredible for my mental health), the weight of the daily news cycle sometimes just feels too much to bear. Getting outdoors and out of my head feels essential. I realize that’s a privilege not afforded to all.

I’ve probably shared this podcast episode too many times to count, but I find myself going back to it often. It’s about how to access joy and acknowledge beauty in the midst of struggle, and how to keep fighting for the things we need to fight for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, give it a listen. Sending love to you all.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 1.27.23

Today is the last day to use my Faherty code JESSKIRBY for 20% off. I’ve been loving this Mariner Sweater!

PSA- stop what you’re doing and immediately follow Bess Kalb. Her newsletter is one of the best things to happen to the internet since the cable modem. -Caylin

The US has a lot of guns. The link between gun deaths and gun ownership is much stronger than the link between violence and mental health issues. America’s unique, enduring gun problem. (Vox)

What early abortion actually looks like. (NY Times)

If you’re struggling with equity in your relationship, can a relationship contract help? (NPR)

I’m a big Molly Shannon fan and I’m loving her memoir, Hello, Molly! -Jess

I’m excited about Sézane’s new lookbook drop on Sunday, especially the Le Crop jeans in white! Also my favorite navy blazer was just restocked.

If you’re looking for an atmospheric and fast-paced, fun read try Spells for Forgetting. I blew through it in a weekend. -Caylin

Dealing with lower back pain? Try these simple exercises to help. (NY Times)

These artists are reimagining Black History Month to create a better future. (Bustle)

Get 40% off ABLE signature pieces for a limited time with code JAK45. A few favorites: The Mamuye Tote, Letter Necklace, and Lise Ribbed Tank.

The concept of “matrescence” is helping moms feel seen. Here’s what to know about this phase of life — and how to navigate it. (HuffPost Life)

A totally underrated Netflix show? Friends from College. There are only two seasons, but it really stinks that Netflix cancelled it. -Caylin

The holy grail of life skills: how to make friends as an adult. (Prevention)

OK, read this one just bc the term meet-in-the-middle show is perfection. (Cup of Jo)

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