Click. Read. Love. 1.22.21

By Jess & Caylin
22 Jan 2021
a little sneak peek of the vermont kitchen

Anyone else feeling just a wee bit lighter this week? Not going to lie I woke up early this morning thinking about what President Biden has in front of him and I know he wanted the job but I certainly do not envy him or the position he is in. That said, I see a lot of promise in the actions he has already taken and I feel like I am finally coming up for air. Change doesn’t happen overnight but at least it feels more possible now. Wishing all of you a good weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 1.22.21

What Vice President Kamala Harris means for our country—a lovely way to encapsulate what happened on Inauguration Day.

Speaking of raising leaders—one of my best friends is a Girl Scout troop leader in Brooklyn. She doesn’t have a girl in the troop, she just believes in mentorship and empowering the next generation—she’s really the best. But they’re selling cookies digitally this year, so if you feel like treating yourself, go for it! They’re halfway to their goal, let’s help them get there! (C)

The real Bridgeton mystery that all content creators are trying to figure out.

Is doubling up on masks the new way to lower your Covid risk when you have to spend time around others?

Did you see Amanda Gorman’s incredible poem during the Inauguration? She’s the youngest inaugural poet ever in the United States.

I shared this cream eyeshadow with SPF 30 from Supergoop on Stories last weekend. It’s great for outdoor activities especially here in snowy Vermont where the sun is so strong. Will be awesome for summer too. (J)

I feel like we kind of already knew this…but like…seriously?!

The best Bernie mitten memes all in one place.

How Sephora plans to address racial bias in retail.

My fave RBG mask is 10% off right now (I wear a small).

Do you have this rug in your house?

Six tasks that should be on your financial to-do list.

I’ve shared before but been getting a lot of questions about pet hair removal and my number one recommendation is the Chom Chom roller. TRUST ME it does not disappoint.

This slow roasted cod with citrus and fennel looks like a perfect winter meal that only looks fancy.

This movie is getting so much buzz and is now available to rent (it’s supposed to be in theaters right now, so the price is similar to buying a movie ticket)—I’m definitely interested to see Promising Young Woman.

These Ugg Adirondack boots DO NOT disappoint. They keep my feet super toasty, warm and dry. I went a half size up.

How a shift in American values is fueling family estrangements.

Take a look at part one of the series, America Redefined by Rita Omokha. It’s fantastic!

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  1. Haley wrote:

    I totally have that rug haha. Bought it in 2016 and it’s in great shape. It now has moved houses once and two rooms in our current house.

    1.22.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      It’s such great quality.

      1.24.21 | Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:

    The family estrangement article is fascinating to me – and as a mom to be it has made me think about how I want to model for my child commitment to family while still having your own life!

    Love your round ups Jess and Caylin! Thank you!

    1.22.21 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Totally. I feel like once you are thinking about or are starting your own family, you start asking yourself some big questions about healthy family relationships and boundaries. Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this community Ashley!

      1.23.21 | Reply
  3. Lauren wrote:

    Your coffee maker! Deets?!!

    1.24.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      It’s from Cafe Appliances! I absolutely love it.

      1.26.21 | Reply

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