Click. Read. Love. 1.15.21

By Jess & Caylin
15 Jan 2021
Click. Read. Love. 1.15.21

Hi friends. I don’t have much to say today. I have done so much reflection this week and I am working really hard at turning my anger into action and accountability. Recognizing my own patterns of behavior and modes of operation have been difficult and also enlightening. I am continuing to explore what it means to be a leader, what it means to create community, and how I can best serve all of you in a way that is meaningful. Figuring that out as I go but I am so thankful and grateful to have you all here. Please take care of yourselves.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 1.15.21

How wellness influencers started bringing QAnon into the mainstream.

Related to the above: how QAnon infiltrated moms’ groups—this is an incredibly serious problem that’s destroying families and friendships.

Several of you sent me this podcast episode from Brené Brown on actions, dehumanization and accountability. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot. It’s worth a listen. I plan to listen to her episode on shame and accountability next. (J)

Let’s not forget about the men and women who cleaned up after last week’s insurrection at the capital.

Attention! An easy dinner that you most likely already have ingredients for: a cozy white bean soup.

Even if you’re stuck at your desk, you can listen to the sounds of forests from around the world.

The new influencer capital of the USA.

This gorgeous knit from Sezane is an affordable version of the Jo sweater from Hatch I got last year.

It seems like more and more people are spending time outside

This little, seemingly harmless behavior might be doing more damage than we think.

Again, another I-have-these-ingredients-already meals, this caramelized cabbage recipe looks amazing. Can you tell I’ve been avoiding grocery shopping?! (C)

For the renovation enthusiast, this Instagram account is a must-follow.

I keep meaning to share and now I honestly can’t remember if I already did, this dinnerware by Casafina. I bought it for the Vermont house last year on Black Friday and I absolutely love it. The quality is amazing and it’s gorgeous. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and I have been so impressed. (J)

Get a little help following through with goals for the new year from some of the world’s greatest minds.

“For the college-educated elite, work has morphed into a religious identity—promising transcendence and community, but failing to deliver.”

I shared these during the holidays but including a link to my slippers again because they are back in stock and so comfortable and cozy. I live in them.

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  1. Kat wrote:

    Really like your lists!

    1.15.21 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Thanks so much for reading Kat!

      1.19.21 | Reply
  2. Katherine wrote:

    Thanks for sharing the article about work as identity – I’m in my early 20s and trying to figure out the age old question of what my dream job is. I’m starting to hear more and more about how it’s OKAY if your work is not your passion. And I think there’s a wonderful balance to strike here. I’m lucky that I have the privilege to consider this when planning for my future.

    1.17.21 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      So glad this resonated with you! Wishing you the best of luck, but thinking about these big questions now will absolutely help. Thanks for reading!

      1.19.21 | Reply

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