Click. Read. Love. 1.10.20

By Caylin Harris
10 Jan 2020
Click. Read. Love. 1.10.20
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Lots of things happening over here, the addition is moving along and we’re making final decisions about the ceiling and flooring before Craig gets started on that next week. Tile arrives soon along with our vanity (check out our bathroom inspo here). Oddly enough I have more energy now than I’ve had my entire pregnancy. I remember feeling panicky because everyone kept telling me how I’d feel normal again in the second trimester and I didn’t, I felt like shit. It hasn’t been until the last few weeks that I’ve regained energy and I am SO grateful. It’s the final countdown! Lots of great links from the week, wishing all of you a great weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 1.10.20

What would it be like to go through life never experiencing pain? At 72, Joanne Cameron never has.

RBG is cancer free.

Sezane just released their new eco-conscious denim line and a January capsule. They brought back my favorite style the perfect slim 7/8 jeans (see my review here) and I ordered this striped organic cotton knit, the button detail is to die for.

The average out-of-pocket cost for someone with insurance giving birth in the US is $4500.

Loved this Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream for fighting frizz, it really helps my naturally curly hair, plus it smells great. (C)

Audiobooks are getting more and more creative—here’s why you should consider listening.

Mary gives really helpful tips on career-goal setting (and provides worksheets to help navigate the process).

Looking for a sconce but don’t feel like hardwiring it? Here are 32 stylish plug-in versions.

Better than takeout! This recipe for Chang’s spicy chicken.

How Greta Gerwig built her version of Little Women.

It’s officially very much winter here and I’ve been living in these Sorel Boots (go up half a size). They’re so comfortable and warm and easy to get on (most important at 9 months pregnant).(J)

More good reads

It’s 2020, let’s stop blaming one partner for the decisions made as a couple—even if they’re royals.

This kale caesar salad recipe looks SO good. This dressing is delish if you don’t feel like making your own (their vegan ranch is a great option too).

A bunch of my favorites from Farmaesthetics are 20% off at Dermstore. The products I always have on hand are the herbal cleanser, vassar rose polish, sweet milk and lavender exfoliant, and cool aloe mist. The midnight honey oil is also amazing for dry winter skin along with the herbal hydration complex. (J)

If I lived in this LA apartment I think I would never leave, I’d just read all day long. (C)

Samantha’s nursery is so dreamy and cozy, love the neutral color palette and soft textures.

Did you know that more people file for divorce in January?

Jennifer Nettles on why she wants(and deserves) equal pay AND equal play.

Saving up for a big purchase like a wedding or house? These money-saving tips will really help.

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  1. Jenn wrote:

    I’m so glad you shared the article about this week’s royal news. I’ve been so curious why so many are quickly placing the blame on just one half of this particular marriage and I was delighted to see a thoughtful argument to the contrary. The comments on that article are still quite divided, but an interesting read nonetheless.

    1.11.20 | Reply
  2. Lynn wrote:

    I’m so happy to hear you have that burst of energy! I always had that the last month. I have always though it was something special giving me a chance to finish up my last minute birth preparations and be ready. It’s an incredible experience and no one feels exactly the same. No matter how it is for you, seeing this amazing creation for the first time that is part of you and Craig will be something that words just cannot describe. I can’t wait to hear the news !
    As far as the Royals, I think in my opinion that Harry never wanted to be part of the strict restrictions of the Crown. He knew how his mom suffered and how her life ended and he was always reveling in some way. I think that now with his own family and a woman he love, he now has the support of a partner who understands him. I think it’s good and he is protecting his family. Good for him!!!

    1.11.20 | Reply

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