Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

By Kelley Boymer
6 Dec 2022
Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
Photo by Alsu Vershinina on Unsplash

Christmas is such a magical time of year. It is the season of giving and celebrating with family and friends. Decorating is one of the best ways to bring the warmth, love and magic of the season right into our homes. There are so many options now for Christmas decor it makes it fun to pick things out that suit your own personal style and taste. With everything from sparkly Christmas trees, twinkling lights, wreathes, Christmas villages, reindeer and more– the options are endless for Christmas decor.

The Christmas tree is often the focal point for holiday decor and there are so many fun ways to dress it up for the season. Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes! Some people have artificial trees, others buy them locally and some head to a Christmas Tree Farm or the woods to cut down their own. No matter what your tree looks like, there are countless ways to decorate it and make it look pretty.

It is always fun to walk into a home at Christmas and see how they have decorated their tree with white or colored lights, heirloom ornaments or homemade ornaments and a unique tree topper. Each ornament and heirloom holds a story that brings warmth and love into the home. These ornaments and tree toppers always hold so much meaning and memories for families when they pull them out and admire them each year. It is truly such a special Christmas tradition.

Here are some great ideas for decorating your Christmas tree to bring holiday cheer, light and love into your home this season.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

How to decorate a Christmas Tree?

Choose a theme

Some people like to switch up their decor each year and others like to come back to the same tried and true decorations each year. If you want to do something different this year, consider choosing a theme and color scheme. Ponder different color palettes, materials, lights and natural elements that you would like to incorporate. Look on Pinterest for inspiration or visit Christmas shops to see how they have decorated their trees. It is fun to get creative and try something new. The options are endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Themes For Tree Decor

Natural/Rustic Christmas Tree Decor

If you are looking for a more rustic, natural theme choose ornaments, materials and elements in neutral colors like creams, browns, reds and greens. Incorporate pinecones, acorns, berries and other real or artificial elements from nature. Use a wooden beaded or red berry garland to string across branches and a natural wooden star to place at the top.

Simple Yet Classic & Traditional Tree Decor

If you like to keep things simple and classic try a more traditional approach to decorating. Choose a simple design like sparkly gold and silver bulbs or maybe go sans ornaments. Hang warm, white lights and maybe a simple garland like beaded or star. Place a traditional star or angel tree topper to pull your tree decor together!

Colorful Festive Tree Decor

For those who love to embrace all the festiveness and cheer for the season try a colorful, vibrant tree! Use colorful lights to string around your tree and hang a variety of ornaments– with everything from homemade to classic, traditional and heirlooms. Use a colorful tree skirt that makes the tree pop and place a snowflake or pretty bird to top your tree off!

Plan Your Decor

Depending on your chosen theme you will need to invest in some Christmas decorations. This includes a tree stand, tree skirt, lights, ornaments, garland and tree topper. There are so many to choose from it can be overwhelming! But with a theme in mind you will be able to narrow down your options and choose something just right for you. Below I’ve outlined each decorating item and how to find one that works best for your Christmas tree decor.

Tree Skirt

The tree skirt is a way to hide the tree stand with a pretty patterned fabric. There are so many different tree skirts to choose from based on your Christmas tree decor. My grandmother’s tree skirt was passed down to us several years ago and I love putting it out each year. It has a red, white and green floral Christmas pattern that looks so pretty with the green tree. Some people use colorful Christmas patterns and others choose something more neutral if they don’t want the skirt to be the focus.

Tree Basket

Another great option to do instead of a tree skirt is to use a basket at the bottom of your tree. You can put the tree stand inside the basket for a rustic, farmhouse look. Pick something low and wide so it’s easy to access with a watering can for live trees.


If you do just one thing to decorate your tree, make it pretty lights. Lights are the most important part of the Christmas tree decor because they bring sparkle and life to the whole tree– illuminating it and making it glow! There are so many different types of lights to choose from. Oftentimes, people have a preference for a certain type or shade of Christmas lights. There’s classic warm, white lights, blue lights and colored lights. The warm, white lights give a warmth and classic feel to your tree. The blue give a sort of winter wonderland vibe, while colored lights bring cheer and festiveness.


Ornaments are such a fun way to add personality, tradition and warm memories to your tree. There are so many types of ornaments to choose from. Some people like to have a variety of ornaments on their tree– some homemade, some store bought, some made of glass, some heirloom and some to honor a loved one that has passed. I love to add a new ornament to my tree each year and it is always fun decorating it each season and remembering the memories of each one. Each time I walk past my tree throughout the season, I notice a different ornament and it makes me smile. Some have been given as gifts or passed down through generations.


Garland can be hung from tree branches and strung around the width of the tree. There are so many types of garland to choose from. There’s star garland, sparkly tinsel garland, red berry garland, wooden beaded garland and so much more.

Tree Topper

The tree topper is the decorative ornament placed at the top of the Christmas tree. Tree toppers are usually stars or angels, but can also be something nature-based like birds or snowflakes. Oftentimes, tree toppers are heirloom items that have been passed down through families and hold so much meaning and memories of Christmas past. These tree toppers are usually larger than your average ornament and are extra special with sparkles, gold, silver and intricate designs. It draws the attention to the top of the tree. Here are a few options for tree toppers.

Star Tree topper

I love a classic star tree topper. It is simple, classic and timeless. The star is symbolic of a guiding light which is such a beautiful way to bring the Christmas tree decor together. There are so many types of stars to choose from– some colorful, silver or gold. Others with lights and intricate detailing. These antique-looking glass star tree toppers are both pretty and simple. We had something similar to this rattan natural star growing up if you are looking for a more rustic, farmhouse look. I love how sparkly and festive this gold star is if you want to go big!

Angel Tree topper

An angel also makes a lovely tree topper. Angels are symbolic of protection and guidance and bring safe, loving energy to your Christmas tree. This capiz shell angel tree topper is so pretty! I love this one too!

Bird and Snowflake Tree TopperS

Looking for something less traditional or religious? Try something a little more nature focused. Use a pretty snowflake or a beautiful bird to top your tree. Try something like this mercury silver snowflake tree topper or this white dove tree topper. Or keep it simple (and affordable!) and tie a beautiful red or gold ribbon at the top of your tree.

How are you decorating your tree this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I officially gave up on the themed color-coordinated tree and now just do all Radko ornaments or any glass ornaments. Feels very nostalgic to me like an old school tree from my grandparents or something. So maybe it is a theme technically?? I do love the dried orange slices though, it’s so pretty!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    12.6.22 | Reply
    • I love the Radko ornaments! So pretty and colorful! Your tree sounds so special. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      12.12.22 | Reply

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