On Body Image and Health

Inevitably anytime I post a photo of me in a bathing suit or anything that reveals my body more than normal the messages, comments and…
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5 Books I’m Reading This Year

While I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions, I do like to consider my goals for the next 12 months…and try a little harder to accomplish the things that I always *say* I’ll do. One of my goals for the past…
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3 Products For a Greener, Cleaner Home

I know many of you can relate to the goal of reducing single use plastic, minimizing environmental harm and supporting companies that focus on sustainability, so I am beyond thrilled to partner with Grove Collaborative this month. If you’re not…
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Healthy Ways to Practice Self-Care for Free

Above via Rupi Kaur Copy by Caylin Harris Interview with Suzan Colón Scroll through social media and you’ll spot posts featuring luxe bubble baths complete with a book, glass of wine, and the caption self-care. A margarita, also self-care! A brightly…
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