Living Sustainably While Traveling

Some of you may remember this post from a few months ago when I was first introduced to the LARQ Bottle. On my quest to eliminate single use plastic from my life, which honestly is so much harder than it…
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On Dealing with Rejection

A few days ago I shared on Instagram that I was not chosen to be part of the SephoraSquad. It was sort of a long shot but I felt pretty confident because as part of my application, so many of…
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A Minimalism Challenge

Google “The Minimalism Challenge” and you’ll find a month-long game made to help declutter your space in a short amount of time: The challenge is to get rid of one item on day one, two items on day two, and…
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5 Changes I’ve Made to Be More Sustainable

As I continue learning about sustainable living, I have found that the best way to be more sustainable is to buy and consume less overall; it simply comes down to small habit changes and a change in mindset. These are…
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