Navigating the Emotional Minefield That Is the Holidays

By Caylin Harris. If only the holidays were all twinkle lights, presents, and merriment. But alas, we're no longer five years old and things have gotten...decidedly more complicated. Let's be honest, family relationships can be challenging. It's normal to not…
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How to Make Friends as an Adult

By contributor Caylin Harris: Over five years ago I moved to a new state and my choices were either take the train every time I wanted to grab a glass of wine with a girlfriend or branch out. So I…
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My Must-Have Pregnancy Survival Guide

I'm 26 weeks into my pregnancy, and it's only within the last 2-3 that I've started to feel some sort of normalcy. While I am approaching my third trimester (and who knows what to expect for that) I wanted to…
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