My Five Favorite Clean Swaps

Since starting Jess's #cleanswapchallenge, I've discovered that the best part about it is the ability to make small, obtainable changes in my everyday life. It's…
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Click. Read. Love. 8.17.19

Happy Saturday. Taking it easy around here this weekend. We might even try and go out for mocktails with Craig’s sister (who’s also expecting a…
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Master Bathroom Design Inspiration

You know that saying, "The carpenter's house is never finished." It's completely true. I spend my days writing about home makeovers and impressive interior design projects—and yet I've been dragging my feet on revamping my own bathroom.
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Click. Read. Love. 8.10.19

Happy Saturday everyone. Sorry links are a little late this week, Friday was rough. One day I think I’m finally on the up and up and the next I’m back in bed with the shades drawn. Anyhoo, today I feel…
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Click. Read. Love. 8.2.19

I am so relieved the news is finally out. Sharing that I am pregnant has definitely made it feel more real. One thing is for sure, I am feeling the love and it is so appreciated. Right after I announced…
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