Holiday Gift Guide for the Host

Hosting season is upon us, and there’s no better way to be a gracious guest (and ensure future invitations) than with a thoughtful gift for the holiday host. There’s so many ways to show appreciation for your host’s hospitality, a…
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How to Prep for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

By contributor Caylin Harris: So you're hosting Thanksgiving, I'm not sure if congratulations are the right sentiment? But really it's not that bad if you plan ahead. Here's what you should know now to pull off a flawless holiday.
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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

It wasn’t until I started working on this that I remembered how long these guides take, haha (painful forced laugh). It can be challenging to come up with thoughtful gift ideas that are applicable for a variety of people and…
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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is like a marathon. Only it takes place in my house and doesn't push me to a physical breaking point. It's the biggest cooking event of my year. Unlike a casual dinner party, I spend weeks prepping for the…
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