Some Big News

I can finally share why I’ve been MIA for the last almost 7 weeks…I’m pregnant. A few months ago I went to New York City…
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How to Take A Compliment

Have you ever done the following in response to someone complimenting you?… Put yourself down Deflect and give someone else the credit Assume the person…
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The #CleanSwapChallenge

Just to give a quick recap, in the last week I’ve committed to eliminating these harmful fabrics from my wardrobe and using (only) clean beauty products going forward. Of course these are only a few of the ways I’m working…
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On Dealing with Rejection

A few days ago I shared on Instagram that I was not chosen to be part of the SephoraSquad. It was sort of a long shot but I felt pretty confident because as part of my application, so many of…
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On Body Image and Health

Inevitably anytime I post a photo of me in a bathing suit or anything that reveals my body more than normal the messages, comments and emails start pouring in (I’m being slightly dramatic but it’s a significant amount). How do…
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