5 Minute Summer Clean Beauty Makeup Tutorial

I wanted to show you guys what I do for most days in the summer if I’m wearing makeup. It’s incredibly simple, super quick and very easy. The best part, everything is non-toxic clean beauty. If you’d rather skip foundation,…
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My Favorite Products from Follain

I could spend WAY too long talking about Follain products that I love, but I tried to narrow this down to the real hero products. If you happen to live near a Follain I recommend going in and doing a…
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The Razor Brand Taking on the Pink Tax

You’ve probably heard of the pink tax by now, but if not, here’s a rundown. The pink tax is the extra amount of money women pay for a variety of things including everyday items like deodorant, tampons and yes, razors.…
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Non-Toxic Reef Safe Sunscreen

I’m sure many of you have seen the news this week about sunscreen, and the findings from a small study that the active ingredients of commonly-used sunscreens end up in the bloodstream at much higher levels than current U.S. guidelines…
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