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**A note from Jess (Kirby)…I’m coming up on my fifth year of blogging, which means I’ve officially been doing this longer than I was at my prior corporate job, wow. So much has changed in my life since I started this blog and as a result, this space has changed too (in my opinion, for the better). I’ve always wanted this space to be a place that shares not only my voice, but yours too. One thing I’ve realized over the years is how much all of us have in common, and how much we can learn from each other. That is why I have decided to incorporate some other voices around here. In the coming weeks I’ll share more about these super smart and talented women, but for today, I want to introduce you to Jess Lambi (haha yes, it gets confusing with the double Jess). I met Jess (on the Gram) almost exactly a year ago, and she’s been working with me behind the scenes on the blog ever since. I am inspired by her minimalist aesthetic and responsible approach to consumerism. She’s also a fur Mom and native Rhode Island gal. So without further ado, here’s Jess.

Hi guys– I’m Jess. I’m a fashion-loving, puppy-loving, creative professional living in Boston. (You may see how Jess and I get along!) When I’m not working or snuggling my pup, you’ll probably find me reading, binging Harry Potter (again) or cooking up something in the kitchen. I’m super excited to be sharing more posts here as we get into the new year.

It’s official: cold weather is here, and from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be one long winter here in New England. While I truly wish that I could walk out in public wrapped in my duvet, I’ve found that having staple winter wardrobe pieces that I love makes it a little easier to get dressed in the morning.

Outside of wanting to look put together even when covered in layers, I need my cold weather wardrobe to be super functional. It needs to keep me warm and also be ok getting a little wet on slushy days. That’s why I tend to invest more in my winter wardrobe staples, and year after year I have refined what I look for when building my winter wardrobe. Here are the things that I always need in my closet this time of year:

Ankle boots: I love that these boots are a classic shape and also cover up, well, ankles, on cold days. As mentioned, cute and functional are necessities! My wardrobe includes ones with block heels for easier walking on tough weather days.

White Sneakers: On days when there isn’t snow or rain, I live in white sneakers. For the winter I stick to styles that are more durable than canvas, like these ones that will add some more warmth!

A Leather tote: I prefer leather in winter because it can withstand some more harsh weather while still looking completely polished. This medium-sized tote can fit everything I need, especially when commuting around town.

Vintage-fit jeans: Loose-fitting jeans and winter just go hand-in-hand to me. Maybe it’s the extra roominess in the fit during the holiday season or just the overall comfortability. Either way, I live in these boyfriend jeans. They’re loose but also super flattering, which can definitely be hard to find in this cut. 

Beanies: The perfect accessory for ultimate warmth and also maximum cute factor. Whenever I toss on a beanie, I feel like my outfit looks more put together, like I tried a little bit more than I really did — which is always a goal of mine when getting ready in the morning.

Turtleneck sweaters: I really can’t describe how much I love turtlenecks in the winter. They’re my everyday go-to. And when I want to wear something V-neck or crew, I usually end up throwing on a lightweight turtleneck under it anyway… I have my eye on this camel one with a boxy fit.

A Wool Coat: In my opinion, wool is the way to go when investing in a warm jacket that isn’t necessarily as casual as a puffer or ski jacket. I love that my favorite one is still a neutral color, but also stands out in a sea of black clothing that most people gravitate towards this time of year. 

Shop all of my winter wardrobe staples below and if you’re looking for more winter style inspiration, check out our Pinterest board with tons of winter outfits.

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