Two Brands I’m Loving Right Now

Jess Ann Kirby styles Everlane corduroys with an Aritzia camel coat
Jess Ann Kirby styles a fall look Everlane Corduroys and a cashmere sweater

I just realized as I was typing this (from Finland) that it’s Halloween today, so Happy Halloween. We are headed from Helsinki to Lapland (the official hometown of Santa Claus) so I’m hoping to get a glimpse of some reindeer and the Northern lights! So, about this outfit…I am pretty happy to see corduroys making a comeback in a big way. I know they never really went away but I love this season’s slight vintage nod with the straight leg trousers and thicker wale. This pair from Everlane is super cute and comfortable. Speaking of Everlane it’s one of two somewhat new-to-me brands that I am really loving right now. I’m just consistently impressed with the quality, particularly as their price points are super reasonable. And I LOVE their new ReNew line that uses recycled plastic bottles in their clothing. The other brand I’m having lots of luck with is Aritzia. This camel coat from them is just absolutely stunning. I love these wool trousers too. I’m typically a denim girl, but I love that this outfit is a bit more polished and yet still feels very me. Hope you guys have enjoyed seeing some of the Finland content over on Instagram. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m excited to share more today and tomorrow. If you’re looking for any of my outfit info from the trip, it’s all here!

Jess Ann Kirby pairs a cashmere mockneck from Everlane with a cozy fall coat
Jess Ann Kirby wears Everlane Corduroys and a cashmere sweater for a textured fall outfit

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  1. Rach wrote:

    Those corduroys are so cute! I really like the color! Your Finland trip so far looks amazing!

    10.31.18 | Reply
  2. Jeannie wrote:

    Love the pants from Everlane! I wish you would post more about ethical and sustainable brands because I feel like you would be the perfect person to do so!

    10.31.18 | Reply
  3. Love the outfit!

    Rebecca |

    11.1.18 | Reply

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