Boston Travel Guide

By Jessica Lambi
11 Apr 2019

When it comes to Boston, putting together everything that you should see as a visitor is really hard– almost impossible– to narrow down. The number of restaurants that I would suggest alone could keep you here for at least a week. But, that just means there’s a little something for everyone on your next weekend or extended stay in this New England city.

When visiting Boston, Tatte is a must-try for coffee, pastries and all day breakfast.

As someone who lives, works in, and truly loves, the city of Boston, putting together everything to see as a visitor is really hard– almost impossible– to narrow down. The number of restaurants that I would suggest alone could keep you here for a week at least. But, that just means there’s a little something for everyone on your next weekend or extended stay in this New England city.

What I really love about Boston is how each neighborhood is very different, yet it’s also small enough to really walk it entirely if you’re able; there’s a lot of different things to see and do, and on a manageable scale.

Looking for traditional Boston architecture and history? Wander through Beacon Hill. Want to see modern art and shop cool new brands in real life? Head over to the Seaport. So, pack comfortable shoes and some layers for unpredictable New England weather, and get ready to explore. Here’s my Boston travel guide.

To Stay

To Do

  • Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum
  • SOWA Vintage Market
  • Boston Public Library
  • Duck Boat Tours
  • Boston Public Gardens
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Harpoon Brewery
  • The Freedom Trail


To Eat

  • Mida – dinner, particularly on Mondays for all-you-can-eat Mangia Monday
  • Toro – Spanish tapas, no reservations. Part of the experience is bumping elbows at the bar while you wait! Very worth it.
  • Coppa – lunch or dinner, Italian
  • Bodega Canal – lunch or dinner, Mexican and some of the best margaritas ever
  • Pabu – dinner, upscale sushi and Asian cuisine
  • Tatte – breakfast or lunch, a true Boston staple with locations all over the city
  • Bistro du Midi – dinner, great location and view of the Commons
  • Mistral – brunch or dinner, French
  • Envoy, drinks, rooftop bar with an awesome view, open all year and offering ‘igloos’ in winter
  • Bricco – lunch or dinner, classic Italian in the historic North End
  • North Square Oyster – lunch or dinner, a more refined and modern North End offering. Oysters and tuna tartare are musts!
  • Yvonne’s – drinks, an upscale speakeasy that you’ll have to find.. behind what appears to be a hair salon.
  • Banyan – dinner, Asian-inspired tapas, super unique menu.
  • Frenchie – brunch or dinner, French tapas in a super cute and intimate spot in the South End

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  1. Rach wrote:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Boston! Totally saved this post for reference!

    4.11.19 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      So glad to hear that Rach! – Jess

      4.12.19 | Reply
  2. Boston looks like such a stunning place! I have definitely added it to my bucket list!

    I hope you have a great Thursday,

    4.11.19 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      You sure do, there’s so much to see and do, and eat! Thanks, Michael! – Jess

      4.12.19 | Reply
  3. Boston looks amazing, I cannot wait to visit next year 🙂

    4.11.19 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      Looking forward to your visit!! – Jess

      4.12.19 | Reply
  4. Kimber wrote:

    Great post! I’ve been to Boston so many times but there are so many things you’ve suggested I haven’t been to! I love all of the history and the amazing Italian food in the north end. In fact, my husband is on a flight home from Boston now and he picked me up some cannolis from Mikes (the ONLY cannolis I like). Thanks for sharing!

    4.11.19 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      So glad to hear that! You’ll have to try some of these next time you’re here– Mike’s cannolis are truly the best!! Enjoy!! -Jess

      4.12.19 | Reply
  5. Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The key role it played in the American Revolution is highlighted on the Freedom Trail. Your article is very nice god bless

    4.17.19 | Reply
    • Jessica Lambi wrote:

      Thank you Andrew!

      4.18.19 | Reply
  6. Hana wrote:

    Wow, i heard about it but i have not added it to my list of priority earlier but your article made me to do so. After your article i have even search for other places, it’s so amazing and i would love to travel and visit it soon. Thanks for this great one handy!

    8.28.19 | Reply
  7. Rubina wrote:

    This popped up in my inbox
    Another place to add to the list, thanks to you guys! Beautiful photography as always.

    11.14.19 | Reply
  8. Anna wrote:

    All your guides are amazing! Do you think I need anything in particular to go to Boston? I’m going to order some stuff with noon coupons and I can still add something to my cart 🙂

    11.18.19 | Reply
  9. Christine wrote:

    Thanks, Jessica for sharing this guide. It helped me a lot in planning my trip to Boston. Actually this is my first solo trip and I’m very excited about that.

    12.1.19 | Reply
  10. Hey Jess! Is April the right time to visit Boston? As i’m planning a trip with my family, i want to know about the weather and best tourist attraction places. Rest assured i’ve got everything else covered with your blog post.

    2.9.20 | Reply
  11. umar wrote:

    how beautifull, Boston looks amazing, I cannot wait to visit next year
    @ (

    2.19.20 | Reply
  12. Thank you for sharing guide on travel tips and It really makes helpful to me.

    4.6.22 | Reply
  13. Nice content about home décor. its really useful to me.

    5.6.22 | Reply
  14. It was a wonderful post . Thank you

    12.14.22 | Reply
  15. Very useful information for travelers.

    2.6.23 | Reply
  16. wrote:

    Wow! I always wanted to visit Boston and this post has given me so much info about it. Thankyou so much for this 🙂

    2.27.23 | Reply

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