How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
2 May 2014
It seems like overnight Spring arrived. While in NYC and Connecticut last week I couldn’t get over all the trees that were in full bloom. This week it was our turn and all of sudden the landscape is full of pretty pinks, yellows, and white. I can’t help but smile every time we drive by this big tree in front of the Museum with it’s pretty white blossoms. After a cold week of pouring rain, the sun came out just in time for the weekend! Something about this outfit feels a little Moonrise Kingdom but I think it’s also perfect for tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby. I don’t know who my picks will be this year but I always choose my favorite horses based on their names (in the same fashion that I choose my nail polish). With a warm weekend forecast some mint juleps and floppy hats sound perfect!
Vintage Scarf (similar)
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  1. Sabina B. wrote:
    5.2.14 | Reply
  2. this dress is absolutely amazing
    ladies in navy

    5.4.14 | Reply
  3. Veronica F wrote:

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    5.6.14 | Reply
  4. Veronica F wrote:

    Super chic and stylish, but still fresh and unexpected. The scarf makes the outfit – love!

    5.6.14 | Reply