The Best Winter Boots

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By Jess
3 Jan 2023
The Best Winter Boots
ugg adirondack II boots

We are officially into the winter season and I get asked about winter boots, a lot. I do live in Vermont and have spent almost my entire life in New England, so I know a thing or two about snow boots. If you’re looking for the best winter boots, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve had many different pairs of winter boots, and have tested my fair share of them along the way. Some hold up better than others, but I’m here to break it all down for you. Whether you’re looking for a stylish winter boot, hiking boot, snow boot or something in between, I’ve rounded up the best winter boots for every kind of weather. May your feet stay warm and dry all season long. Make sure to check out the winter boots buying guide here.

Best Winter Boots

Stylish Winter Boots

These are your stylish winter boots. Not the books for trekking through snow or shoveling the driveway, but great for those days when you want to look stylish but it’s also winter. You can certainly wear these on snowy days, but these boots are designed more for date nights and daytime outings.

marc fisher izzie lugsole

I love these boots. I wear them a ton. They’re a great stylish boot for everyday winter use. I wouldn’t use them in deep snow or hiking through the woods but they can handle some winter weather and they’re very comfy. These fit true to size.

L.L. Bean rugged cozy boots

These boots are a great slip on style with a cozy lining. You can fold them over or keep them straight for a stylish style that’s super versatile. These fit true to size.

dr marten leonore boots

These faux fur lined lug sole boots are comfy and cozy. These have an elasticized ankle making them easy to pull on and off. The padded sole and fuzzy lining makes them very warm and great for everyday wear. These fit true to size.

Winter Work Boots

Snow Boots

These are your heavy duty snow boots, when you’re going on hikes, shoveling the driveway, headed to the mountains for a ski/snowboard weekend and everything in between. These are all great for snowy, harsh winter weather. If you’re looking to keep your feet warm and dry these are great options. If you’re going to be in deep snow I recommend the Ugg Adirondack or Kamik SnowGem. All of these will keep your feet warm, but for extreme cold the Uggs or Kamiks are the best options.

Sorel explorer cozy boot

These are a great casual snow boot that feels like a sneaker. They’re lightweight and don’t feel too clunky but perform really well in snowy conditions. Go up half a size!

ugg adirondack boot

I’ve had these snow boots for years and they still look brand new. If you want to keep your feet super toasty and dry, these are your boots. I usually bring these when we go snowboarding to throw on after a day on the slopes. They’re great for pretty much any winter activity you throw at them and I like that they’re not super clunky. I went a half size up, for me they ran a little small.

kamik snowgem boots

These boots got great reviews from several community members who live in very cold climates. They are warm and waterproof. It’s recommended to go up half a size.

Winter Hiking Boots

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