The Best Tools and Products for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Jess Ann Kirby's tools and products for healthy shiny hair.

You know that feeling when your hair is so on point nothing else seems to matter? Ah the power of a good hair day. Investing in good products and tools will give you the healthy, shiny hair you crave year round. I’m always testing out new products, but these are my tried and true favorites that I use regularly.

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Shampoo & Conditioner
Let me start by saying I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week on average. Washing your hair too often can dry it out, along with your scalp, and there’s really no need to wash your hair everyday. It may take some getting used to, skipping a day or two in between washes, but it’s worth the wait, especially if you have color treated hair. I have really sensitive scalp so when I find something I like I stick to it. I also constantly alternate products to avoid build-up. Here’s what I have on rotation right now:

Fresh Seaberry Shampoo & Conditioner I love the volume I get from this and my hair is always really soft afterwards. The conditioner isn’t as thick and creamy as some others I use, which I like particularly in the summer because it doesn’t weight my hair down. 

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner – Alterna is a splurge but I swear by it. I’ve been using Alterna for years and it just never disappoints. A great product for anyone with sensitive scalp or color treated hair, they have an extensive line of products for different hair types.

L’Oreal Everfresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – An affordable shampoo that I typically use once a week. It gets my hair squeaky clean so I like to use it if I have a lot of product in my hair after a shoot.

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner – My hair is really fine but also thick (weird) so I use this combo 1-2x per week and it does seem to make my hair feel thicker when I let it air day.

Styling Products
I keep the styling products to an absolute bare minimum. Because I have fine hair I’ve yet to try almost anything that doesn’t weigh my hair down. I usually just let my hair air dry before I wave it and then use salt spray afterwards but a heat protectant is important if using hot tools.

Bumble & Bumble Save the Day Repair Fluid – I actually just started using this and I love how lightweight it was while still protecting my hair from heat. I rub a small drop between my hands and finger comb through damp hair before blow drying. I’ve also used it when air drying my hair to protect it from the heat of my wand.

Moroccanoil Light – A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. I’ve had the same bottle FOREVER. If your ends are feeling particularly dry rub a few drops between your hands and apply from mid-length through your ends (also works as a great frizz control for humidity). Just be careful not to apply too much or it’ll make your hair look greasy. I also use it as a treatment sometimes overnight and then wash out in the morning.

Alterna Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo – For those in-between days I was talking about when you don’t wash your hair, this is my go-to dry shampoo. Every single person I’ve ever shared this with has immediately gone out and bought it. It’s a white powder that I apply directly to my roots in sections, let it sit and then massage into my scalp. It doesn’t leave any residue and there’s no gross smell. I love this stuff.

Hair Tools & Brushes
The tools you use on your hair are so important, it’s honestly the one place I would say you really shouldn’t skimp. Perfect example, I recently went away and used the cheap hairdryer at my hotel. After using it (once) my ends were completely fried. I had to get a haircut it was so bad, lesson learned.

t3 Luxe 2i Hair Dryer – I let my hair air dry first for a bit, it’s best not to start drying your hair when it’s soaking wet. This hair dryer has several temperature and speed settings as well as a cool button which I use at the very end when I’m done drying my hair to smooth and set.

t3 Whirl Trio – I might as well be a spokesperson for this wand set. It’s definitely a splurge but I get so much use out of it. I never get my hair done anymore because I can honestly do it better myself. I wish I had a favorite barrel size but I like them all for different things. Lately I’ve been using the straight 1″ barrel the most for a really lose undone beachy wave (tutorial coming soon to Youtube!).

Tangle Teezer – Most of the time I just let my hair air dry without even brushing it after I wash/condition. When I do brush it I swear by the tangle teezer. It’s the best brush I’ve ever used and you can use it on wet hair, it just glides through your strands, no pulling.


Once or twice a month I like to do an overnight hair mask. One of my favorites (and most affordable) is organic coconut oil. I basically coat my entire head with coconut oil (massaging my scalp too), throw it up in a bun and leave it in overnight or all day if I’m home cleaning, working, etc.

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  1. Sharon wrote:

    I absolutely love RenPure products. I use their shampoo and conditioner right now and really love that it does for my hair while staying true to an all natural product. I had not seen that mask yet so of course I’m ordering it asap.
    Thanks for sharing,

    8.14.17 | Reply
  2. This is a very informative post.

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  3. Really good for hair care tool.

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