Best Summer Rom Com Reads

By Kelley Boymer
2 Jun 2023
Best Summer Rom Com Reads
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Summer is such a perfect time to lay back, relax and read a book. The warm weather, sunshine, beach or lake all make for ideal reading conditions. There is nothing better than a rom-com read for summer to sweep you away into another world. The combination of romance and laugh out loud comedy make for storylines that are fun and easy to read.

There is a sweet spot I have found with rom-coms. You don’t want something too cheesy or predictable and there still needs to be quality writing, characters and plot to keep things interesting and entertaining. Rom-coms are meant to be light and easy breezy, but there is nothing worse than a poorly written rom-com that leaves you disappointed and bored.

If you are looking to make a summer book bucket list or searching for your next great read, today’s post is for you. Here are some great rom-com books that will make the perfect addition to your summer reading list. For more book recs check out our Current Reading List and this round-up of beach reads.

Best Summer Rom Com Reads

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld

Romantic Comedy is everything it claims to be and so much more. This witty, yet heartfelt tale tells the story of Sally Milz, a sketch writer for The Night Owls (an SNL type late-night comedy show). Sally writes a parody to mock the ironic and newly popular love plot of mediocre men pairing with women way out of their league, until suddenly she finds herself swept up in a similar love paradox, except in reverse. When superstar, Noah Brewster hosts the show, sparks fly as Sally and Noah collaborate to write sketch after sketch. For SNL fans, Romantic Comedy will make all your rom-com dreams come true.

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Happy Place is rom-com author extraordinaire, Emily Henry’s latest release. An annual weeklong vacation brings best friends together each year, but this year Harriet and Wyn are keeping a secret. They separated 5 months earlier, but decide to pretend all is well in their relationship for their annual vacation to keep the peace amongst their friend group. But will they be able to fool their friends or will they begin to reignite the spark they lost long ago? For Emily Henry fans, her other rom-coms, Beach Read, Book Lovers and People We Meet On Vacation also make excellent summer reads!

Yours Truly by Abby Jiminez

Abby Jiminez’s latest release, Yours Truly is a true gem. In her newest book, Dr. Briana Ortiz is hitting a low in her life between ending a divorce and finding her brother a kidney. In walks Dr. Jaccob Maddox, her competition for a job promotion, but then he surprisingly dazzles her with a letter that leads to lunch dates and a new kidney for her brother. Will Briana give this new spark a chance? Other favorites from Abby Jiminez include: The Friend Zone a fun rom-com series that will keep you reading all summer long!

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is another favorite for rom-coms and I loved The Soulmate Equation. This fun premise brings single mom Jess Davis and GeneticAlly (a new DNA based matchmaking company) founder, Dr. River Pena together when they match 98% compatibility. Despite their initial negative feelings towards each other, Jess and River decide to give romance a try. Will their compatibility score prove to be accurate or will one of them end up brokenhearted? If you love Christina Lauren as much as I do check out the sequel to The Soulmate Equation, The True Love Experiment and another favorite, The Unhoneymooners.

Meet Me At The Lake by Carley Fortune

Meet Me At The Lake Carley Fortune’s newest release! Her book, Every Summer After was a hit last summer and Meet Me At The Lake looks just as enticing. Fern Brookbanks hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Will, the man she met for just 24 hours, but who changed her life forever. When they made a pact to meet up a year later, she kept the promise, while he disappeared. But now 10 years later, Fern finds herself running her mother’s lakeside resort and Will returns making all sorts of promises. Can Fern trust Will and what secrets is he keeping?

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

I read One Italian Summer, last summer and it was the best romantic getaway for those warmer months. Set in Positano, one of the most romantic summer destinations, Katy is left to vacation solo after her mother’s death. But something magical happens once Katy arrives in Positano and suddenly she finds herself befriending her mother as a young 30 year old, living her best Italian summer dream. In this romance meets coming of age, Katy gets to know her mother as a young woman and must come to terms with the imperfect, yet beautiful woman she once was and has always been. I love love loved this one!

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

I also loved The Bodyguard by Katherine Center. A bit far fetched, I must admit but great writing, fun and entertaining! Hannah Brooks is an Executive Protection Agent (aka “Bodyguard”) and her newest assignment has her protecting sexy superstar, Jack Stapleton. Jack has a reputation, but the more Hannah gets to know him the more she wonders if there is a spark between them. Is it real or is Hannah dreaming up a fairytale that will never come into fruition?

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

An oldie but goodie, The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is a favorite amongst rom-com fans. Olive Smith is determined to convince her friend Anh that she is dating and in love, so on a whim she kisses hotshot professor, Adam Carlsen who also happens to have a reputation for being a jerk. Needless to say, he agrees to play into her antics and before they know it, chemistry is brewing between the two when they least expected it. Olive’s plan to convince her friend begins to make her question everything she thought she knew about herself. How will this love story end?

One Last Stop by Casey McQuinston

I adored One Last Stop by Casey McQuinston for the magic, love and beautiful coming of age story that it was. I’m not usually big on sci-fi but the time traveling premise in this story had me totally hooked. The subway setting and love between two women from different times was so heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time! I loved that this had a little bit of mystery and suspense to keep you on your toes! For more from Casey McQuinston check out Red, White & Royal Blue.

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score is the first in her series of three rom-coms. The perfect series to enjoy all summer long! In this first installment, Naomi finds herself swept up in her twin sisters life after her sister steals her car, money and jumps town. Not only is Naomi left homeless, carless and hopeless but also unbeknownst to her, the new caretaker of her 11-year-old niece. As Naomi begins to navigate this new life, she finds herself in a love-hate relationship with rough around the edges, Knox. And neither one of them can seem to keep their eyes or hands off one another. This story has everything from steamy romance to suspense and adventure. It will keep you turning page after page!

What books are on your reading list this summer? Let us know, we want your recs too!

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    Wow, what a fantastic collection reads! There’s something truly magical about delving into light-hearted and entertaining stories. Thanks for sharing this list. If I had to pick a favorite book, I’d go with “One Italian Summer” by Rebecca Serle. The combination of romance and coming of age, set in the beautiful backdrop of Positano, is simply irresistible. Books are inspiration for my writing journey, like this link I found for my blog some good writing tools and ideas, just have a look. I’m already looking forward to diving into these stories in your list.

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