Clean Beauty Winter Skincare Routine

As soon as the temperatures drop, I notice a difference in my skin, and not in a good way. Cold weather can affect the skin in a lot of different ways which requires a dedicated winter skincare routine. Dryness, irritation,…
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Easy Beach Waves for Short Hair Tutorial

Who doesn’t love the look of effortless beach waves? It’s my favorite hairstyle because it’s easy (even for the most hair challenged), flattering and looks good for pretty much any occasion. While creating beachy waves in the summer can be…
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Skin Detox: How to Detox Your Skin

There’s nothing like the holidays to absolutely wreak havoc on your skin. Between the stress, travel, food, alcohol, sugar and (for many of us) the start of winter, it’s basically a recipe for disaster. There’s really no better time than…
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