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Beauty Empties 11.4.19

5 Nov 2019

I realized recently that a lot of the beauty products I share are things I’ve tried and liked but they’re somewhat new to me (something I’ve been testing for a month or two). I don’t really often share the products I buy over and over again. I think I forget about them sometimes because they’re just part of my regular routine. As I was placing an order for some of my tried and true faves I realized I should probably share them, because they’re great and they deserve their moment too. For any products I’ve linked to at Follain, make sure you use my code JESSANNKIRBY15, for 15% off your purchase).

Farmaesthetics Herbal Cleanser (use JESSANNKIRBY15 FOR 15% off)

This is my OG clean beauty cleanser that I’ve been using for at least the last four years (probably longer than any other product I’ve ever had). It’s just a no-fuss, simple, gentle cleanser that works. It’s a slightly watery consistency but it lathers so nicely and doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped. I think the best part though is the smell. For me, it’s heavenly, especially in the morning. This is also a really great set to try (everything in it is good) or for travel, would make an awesome holiday gift too.

Farmaesthetics Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish

Admittedly I bought this because I thought it was pretty, but it is hands down one of my favorite clean exfoliating products. I typically use it once a week, I mix a small amount with the herbal cleanser and gently rub all over my face (you can also leave it on for a few minutes as a mask). It’s not too rough (which can actually be very damaging) but it does the job and leaves skin looking refreshed and vibrant. If my pores are feeling clogged or my skin is looking dull, this always does the trick.

Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo (use jessannkirby15 for 15% off)

I have tried too many clean shampoos to count, SO many. There are a few I like, but this one really stands out. I love the smell, it leaves my hair feeling super clean but not stripped and it’s color safe. I can also go several days in between washings as my hair doesn’t get greasy. It has a nice lather as well which can be hard to find with clean shampoos. A bottle lasts me a long time too.

Indie Lee I-RECOVER Mind & Body Gel (use jessannkirby15 for 15% off)

Indie Lee recently said this is her one holy grail product and I can see why. I remember when she first launched this in the spring and I was so excited to try it. It has absolutely SAVED ME on numerous occasions where I felt a headache or even a migraine coming on. When I was really sick this summer and couldn’t take anything for my migraines because I’m pregnant, this was an absolute lifesaver. I make sure I always have this stuff on hand. It’s great for sore muscles, neck aches, headaches, and even swollen feet. This would be an awesome stocking stuffer!


I’m not sure who uses more of this, Craig or me. He loves it because it’s fragrance free, I love it because of the super clean ingredients and how quickly it absorbs into skin. If you have sensitive skin or can’t use lotion with fragrance I highly recommend trying this. It’s no frills and it gets the job done. I also love that the brand uses 100% recyclable and 85% post-consumer waste materials for their product boxes and the product tube is also recyclable.

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner (use code jessannkirby15 for 15% off)

I don’t know one person I’ve recommended this product to that doesn’t absolutely love it. It’s refreshing, hydrating, gentle and smells great. I use it morning and night after cleansing, and it’s also nice throughout the day if you need a little pick-me-up. Just check out all the 5 star reviews, it’s a winner.

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    This is a great post! You mentioned other shampoos that you like. Would you mind sharing which ones? I don’t have color treated hair but have yet to find a clean shampoo/conditioner that I liked. Was going to try “Unwrapped Life” next but curious to your other suggestions!

    11.13.19 |

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