Bathroom Renovation: Reveal Part I

It has been a long time coming for this reveal! We started the bathroom renovation in July and the entire process took about a month to complete. Craig gutted the bathroom down to the studs, installing new insulation and backerboard before tiling the shower and installing the shiplap and plastering the walls. Make sure you check out the video here so you can see the before. I’m calling this “Reveal Part I” because while we’ve finished the construction phase we still want to add some shelving and artwork. Since we moved on to refinishing our floors and painting our master bedroom right after the bathroom was finished we didn’t get there yet! Once we do, I’ll be sure to share.

Flooring and shiplap

Probably the biggest design decision we made in the bathroom is the painted tile floors. Initially we were going to use the same tiles we used in the shower for the floor, but Craig was worried about there being too many grout lines (and it being impossible to keep clean). The team at Lowe’s shared an image of this tile that came out in June and we said let’s go for it. Lucky for us it went well with all of the fixtures and pieces we had already picked out. We were also planning on using plaster from floor to ceiling in the bathroom, but Craig made a last minute decision to do shiplap halfway up the wall and I am so glad he did. One tip: he primed both sides before installing the wood to help prevent any mold or moisture damage.

Vanity and lighting

If there was one thing I HAD to have in the bathroom, it was a marble top vanity. We decided against a double sink to save space, particularly since we have another half bath in our bedroom. This one had nice drawer and under sink storage space along with a clean glossy white finish that I was looking for. We chose a delta faucet for the sink in the same champagne bronze finish that we used in the kitchen.

I swapped the silver knobs that came with the vanity for these gold Purist Knobs by Kohler. Such a simple change made a huge difference in the look of the vanity. The reason it took so long for me to share this reveal is because of the lighting in the bathroom. The initial fixture I ordered just did not look good in the space and in such a small bathroom, lighting is everything. I am so happy with the second one we ordered. It makes the space feel cohesive and I love how it pairs with the mirror. The mirror is actually from Target and I went back and forth about whether or not I should get something fancier, but for $50 I think it actually looks great in the space.

Barn Door

The smartest decision we probably made in the bathroom was installing a barn door. This one could not have been more perfect. Craig had to do some trim work to make it seamless but it gives us so much more room in the bathroom. We thought of it at the end of the renovation process and it makes the bathroom feel so much bigger. The door was also already painted and primed so after installation it was ready to go.


After ripping out the walls in the shower, Craig added new insulation and cement backer board before tiling. We chose this white honeycomb mosaic tile. I love how it has a clean look and a vintage feel. The shower head and tub kit is also from Delta. We both loved the finish so much we knew we wanted it in the bathroom and the kitchen. One of the best things about this fixture set is that it keeps the hot and cold water balanced even when a valve is turned on or off elsewhere in the house. We have an old house so this makes a huge difference. Before we installed this the water temperature and pressure would change anytime a sink was turned on or off or the dishwasher or washing machine was going at the same time as the shower.

Craig also installed a new glass shower door which keeps the room feeling open and bright.

I want to give a huge thank you to Lowe’s and Delta Faucets for providing us with the materials for this renovation. It was a big project and I’m still blown away by the amount of work Craig did in such a short amount of time. It truly feels like a completely different bathroom, I guess because it is! It was a fun experience to be able to design this room and really make it our own, from the floor tiles to the vanity to the fixtures. Next up, our master bedroom, so stay tuned for more home renovations (and some DIYs). You can also find more on @thecozyranch Instagram.

Thank you to Lowe’s and Delta Faucets for providing the materials for this renovation project. As always all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Emily wrote:

    The bathroom looks incredible! I am obsessed with that barn door!

    9.4.17 | Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    OMG your bathroom renovation looks amazing! I love the tiles and barn door!

    9.4.17 | Reply
  3. Sharon wrote:

    So beautiful! Congratulations! I’ve also worked with Lowes on some home projects and enjoyed working with the. My husband and I are actually hoping to get a bathroom quote from them soon. We need to redo our stall shower, I’d like it have glass doors like yours. Thank you for sharing!

    9.4.17 | Reply
  4. I love everything about this! The floor tile is beautiful and the the champagne finish on your faucets is so pretty!
    Nice job!

    9.6.17 | Reply
  5. Will wrote:

    Looks great.

    9.6.17 | Reply
  6. Sean Mahan wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous bathroom renovation! The barn door was a very nice touch 😉

    9.13.17 | Reply
  7. Kira wrote:

    Gorgeous bathroom! Definitely using this as inspo. for our own renovation we’re starting in two weeks. 🙂 One question – I LOVE the faucet you chose, but there are a lot of reviewers online commenting that that model “didn’t fit” their countertop – did you guys have any issue with that, or is your countertop a non-standard size, etc.? TIA! 🙂

    2.7.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks! We didn’t have any issues with the faucet fitting the countertop. The counter is just standard as part of the vanity we bought. As long as you take measurements beforehand you should be fine.

      2.7.18 | Reply
  8. Jenny wrote:

    We are using the same tile for a fireplace on the entire wall. I love it. Your bathroom looks beautiful. Do you know the colour of grout that you chose. It looks great.

    2.17.18 | Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    Curious…what did you guys use for the shelf in your shower? We are in the process of finalizing shower shelves and had some interesting constraints because 2 of the shower walls were exterior walls (can’t do built in niches in exterior walls).

    Thanks! Amanda

    4.2.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      We just bought shelf brackets at Home Depot and an inexpensive piece of stone and drilled it right into the shower tiles.

      4.3.18 | Reply
  10. Christine wrote:

    What color grout did you use on the floor? Thanks!

    2.7.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I think white. I don’t remember I’ll see if we have any left and I can check the color.

      2.8.19 | Reply
  11. Jenny Jenkins wrote:

    That was a very cool bathroom remodel. Now that I have new windows in my home from conservation construction (including the bathroom) there is more light and reason to work on home improvement projects. I can’t wait to start my own bathroom remodel soon. Thanks for the great article.

    1.6.20 | Reply
  12. Stacy wrote:

    Hi there! Thank you for continuing to so openly share. You are an inspiration I am grateful for. Any chance you’re willing to share where you picked up your fun art pieces? Thanks for considering.

    1.21.20 | Reply
  13. Alyssa wrote:

    Your bathroom is beautiful. We have extra planks from shiplapping our half bath so we might do half the too. What color is the actual wall above the shiplap?

    7.12.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thank you! The wall above the shiplap is actually venetian plaster.

      7.12.20 | Reply
  14. Wendy wrote:

    Gorgeous! I am looking to do something similar. What size is your bathroom?


    3.26.21 | Reply

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