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By Jess
22 Mar 2016

bareMinerals skinsorials skincare line prosecco and plaid

As someone that obsesses over her skin (thanks Mom) I don’t try just any products. I’m very careful about what I put on my skin. I always wear sunscreen and I like to keep to a routine. I was really excited to try bareMineral’s new SKINSORIALS Skincare Line when it first launched a few months ago because I’ve always been a big fan of the brand and have used their makeup for years, their Skin Rev-er Upper is one of my all time favorite products.

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The skincare line is a 3 step system (PURIFY, EMPOWER, HYDRATE) that you can cater to your unique skin type. My skin is dry, but depending on the time of year and climate it can fluctuate. The 3 part beauty ritual starts with PURIFY, the cleansers, Pure PlushClay ChameleonOil Obsessed and Blemish Remedy.

bareMinerals skinsorials skincare line prosecco and plaid-3  After trying all of them my favorites for my skin type were the Clay Chameleon and Oil Obsessed. The oil obsessed is a super lightweight silky cleanser that’s great for washing off makeup without stripping your skin of moisture. It was amazing this winter for the cold harsh climate. I would alternate with the Clay Chameleon which can go on your skin dry and then washes off creamy with water. I like to apply it on dry skin and leave it on for a few minutes while I’m in the shower. 

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Step 2 is EMPOWER, a new serum from bareMinerals, SkinLongevity™ Vital Power Infusion. A skincare booster, it helps make your skin look healthier and younger. It goes on silky smooth and feels very lightweight. I put it on morning and night before my moisturizer. 

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Step 3 is MOISTURIZE, which includes four different options depending on your skin type: True Oasis™, Smart Combination™, Bare Haven™, and Butter Drench™. Butter Drench absolutely saved my skin this winter. I had dry, itchy, flaking skin and after about a week of using it my skin was soft and hydrated. 

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For my recent trip to the Bahamas I brought the Smart Combination and it was the perfect, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for the hot and humid climate. Even in humid weather my skin still needs a good moisturizer and this was great under my SPF. With all natural ingredients like papaya, rosemary, ginger root and Brazilian Red Clay this 3 step beauty ritual is an amazing way to keep your skin looking healthy, young and glowing. You can customize your own ritual based on your skin type or you can purchase the 3 step ritual starter kits in Normal to Dry Skin or Normal to Combination Skin

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Thank you to bareMinerals for partnering with me on this post.

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  1. I’ve been using these 3 products for about 6 weeks and love the way they feel on my face! Seriously great!! Love this post! XO


    3.22.16 | Reply
  2. Linda Larson wrote:

    Bare Minerals are GREAT for sensitive and allergic skin!

    3.26.16 | Reply
  3. Rebecca hall wrote:

    Love, love, love your toiletries bag. Where is it from please?

    Thanks x

    3.28.16 | Reply
  4. Serene wrote:

    Thanks for this great info! I’ve been wanting to try BareMinerals for awhile now! What makeup do you use? Liquid foundation or powder?
    Xo, Serene

    8.24.17 | Reply

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