Anti-Aging Skincare (Sans Needles)

It’s not secret I’m not a fan of botox. I don’t care if anyone else does it, but it’s just not for me. I have no desire to have needles stuck in my face and I’m not comfortable with injecting a foreign substance into it either. I say that because the topic seems to come up more and more in conversations about skin. A lot of my friends are doing it, many people I know do it, I’ve had people tell me I need to start doing it, ASAP, none of that makes we want to do it. So I am always looking for new products (and lifestyle changes) to make to improve my skin, and that’s where NeoStrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum comes in. As many of you know I’ve also been suffering from some pretty bad hormonal acne so I’ve been limiting what products I use, but in a few short weeks I noticed a visible difference. My skin texture is noticeably smoother and I’ve noticed some lightening of dark spots/scars. I use it twice a day after toner (and before moisturizer). It contains hyaluronic acid which helps skin retain moisture, as someone with dry skin this is a constant struggle. Even with long haul flights, harsh winter weather and dry indoor heat my skin has honestly never felt better. I’ve also been drinking more water and cut dairy completely out of my diet. I’m excited to continue using the serum and see the difference after a few months of continued use. Stay tuned as I plan on sharing how I dealt with hormonal acne and cleared it without going to a dermatologist!

To apply the serum I use 3-5 drops and gently wipe it across my forehead and then from my chin out and up (towards my cheekbones) and then upward motions from the base of my neck. I gently tap around my eye area (be careful with that area of your skin it’s delicate).

Thank you to Neostrata for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Vicky wrote:

    I’m like you, I don’t like something pouring into my face to keep me youthful. I think that scares me. I use skincare products and this handheld radio frequency device to do facial spa. I also want to try this essence you introduced. Hope it will be more effective.

    11.27.19 | Reply

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