Affordable Engagement Gift Ideas

Jess Ann Kirby shares her favorite engagement gift ideas for a newly engaged couple

For the Cocktail Connoisseurs: 3 Ingredient Cocktails / Bull Boy Distillers Vodka / Agate Bottle Opener.

For the Host & Hostess: Forged Brass Serving Set / Marble + Wood Cutting Board / Resplendent Cheese Knives.

For the Gardening Lovers: Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot / Barebones for Terrain Trowel / Living With Plants.

For the At-Home Chefs: The Newlywed Cookbook / Rustic Linen Apron / Bon Appetit Linen

One request that seems to be coming up again and again lately is affordable engagement gift ideas. Summer is the season of engagement parties and wedding showers, and when you have more than one, it can start to add up. If you’re headed to any engagement parties, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get something nice for the couple. I love smaller, sentimental gifts that the couple can enjoy together.

I like to start by thinking about what kind of couple I’m buying for. Do they love to host parties, maybe they have a garden or love to cook. Then I like to create “bundles,” that’s not a very chic word for it but I think you get the point, haha. For example, I might get a cocktail recipe book with a nice bottle of liquor and a cool bottle opener (if you can find it Codigo 1530 is great). If they like to garden, I’ll get a succulent or herb and plant it in a nice pot (this book is one of my favorites for plant lovers). For the couple that loves to cook, I’ve heard great things about this cookbook which would be great with nice kitchen towels.

I like to shop local too, so if you can find a shop that sells handmade candles for example or a local plant shop even better. Keep it simple and thoughtful, those gifts always go a long way.

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  1. Allie wrote:

    What wonderful gift ideas! I second the apron especially – my friend made me one for my bridal shower and I wear it all the time and always think of her. xAllie

    6.13.18 | Reply

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