A Week of Outfits 5.11.21

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
11 May 2021

Hi! Another week of outfits where I try to pretend like it’s warm but it’s actually not because New England spring SUCKS. I’m half joking, but seriously, wow I’m over it. It looks like this week is finally going to be sunny and warm and we might even make it 48 hours without rain. I skipped a few days this week because I didn’t feel like documenting my leggings, wool sweaters and down jackets. We are going to try and head up to Vermont for a few days so I’m hoping we’ll get some warm sun up there. I can’t wait to see Woodstock in the spring!

A Week of Outfits 5.11.21


I had a pretty busy work day and finalized some things that were hanging over my head (ahem, taxes). I have been wearing this Jane Doen blouse a lot but it’s very light so NOT warm. It was perfect layered under this Sezane blazer which is actually a lot warmer than I anticipated for how light it is. I’ve been wearing these white pants a lot too because they make me feel summery even when my teeth are chattering indoors and my fingers are purple because I refuse to turn the heat on.

Jane Doen blouse, Sezane Christie Jacket, Everlane Straight Leg Pants, Converse

A Week of Outfits 5.11.21


I forgot to take a photo but I made a Reel HERE. Wednesday I’ve been playing tennis in the afternoons and it’s an hour of me time I look forward to every week.

Summersalt Leggings, Reebok Sneakers, Mate the Label Long Sleeve Thermal, Patagonia Jacket


I worked all morning and then went to my friend Emily‘s house because we are collaborating on something super exciting together, launching soon-ish. It was a pretty nice day so I was warm enough in a short sleeve blouse and pants. This Madewell top will be great for summer it has a button detail in the back that’s really cute.

Madewell Courier Shirt, Anthropologie Pants-old (similar here), Converse

Madewell Courier Shirt


I worked all morning and then spent a few hours in the afternoon gardening while Marin was napping. It has been very neglected so we had a lot of weeding to do. I’ve been meaning to share more about these Freedom Moses Sandals. I really like them and they’re great for around the house, gardening, will be great for the beach, BUT that’s really the extent. They’re not comfortable or supportive enough to be walking a ton in them. I like that they’re indestructible and you can just hose them right off, they will be a good summer sandal for around the house and at the beach.

AG Isabelle Jeans (same style different wash), Saylor NY Blouse, Freedom Moses Sandals

A Week of Outfits 5.11.21 | freedom moses sandals


Finally a sunny day for Mother’s Day, though I had a sweater on for most of it because the wind was chilly. We hung out at home and played outside pretty much all day.

Madewell Dress c/o, Converse

Madewell Gingham Dress

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  1. Heather wrote:

    I know you’re a busy mom with many responsibilities to juggle, but I was hoping you can answer if you dry-clean the Saylor blouse or hand wash it. I always prefer to hand-wash, but some garments are ruined this way. If you have any words of wisdom in this respect, I would love to know. Thank you.

    6.13.21 | Reply

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