A Week Of Outfits 1.15.23

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
15 Jan 2023

Happy Sunday. I am back with the first week of outfits for the year. This was highly requested when I asked about content you’d love to see more of on the blog. I normally don’t have blog posts on Sundays, but I wanted to try this out and see how it goes, since sometimes people like to think about/plan outfits ahead of time. Maybe this will give you some ideas for the week ahead! This round-up of outfits is actually from two weeks ago because last week I was recovering from the stomach bug, yay. Here’s a week of outfits!

A Week Of Outfits 1.15.23


It was a big work catch up day for me after the holidays and Kelley and I also met to plan the editorial calendar for January and February. This is my go to cozy outfit when I want to be put together but very comfy.

What I Wore

Sezane Lucas Jumper, Negative Whipped Turtleneck, Faherty Legend Lounge Pants, Dolce Vita Booties, Sezane Mederick Coat, Dagne Dover Backpack


I’m skipping over Tuesday because I forgot to take a picture (and don’t even remember what I did). Wednesday we had a cord of wood delivered so Craig and I had to spend the entire morning moving it to the backyard and stacking it. I went for warmth and comfort.

What I Wore

Patagonia Los Gatos Pullover, Negative Turtleneck, Athleta Altitude Leggings, SOREL Explorer Joan Cozy Boots (go half size up)

Patagonia Los Gatos Pullover


If you get my newsletter you may have seen my talk about my favorite color combo right now, black and tan. I have a lot of tan, camel, beige and brown in my wardrobe and I was feeling a little meh about all of it. Until I got these jeans and realized how much I love black and tan together. Clearly this was an email/blog writing day because I didn’t really leave the house much.

What I Wore

Sezane Louise Jumper, Alala Turtleneck, Etica Jeans (fit true to size), L.L. Bean Slippers

A Week Of Outfits 1.15.23


We had plans to get dinner at a pizza place with friends and their kids, and what was supposed to be 7 people turned into 20. It was really fun to see everyone after the holidays and have a chill night (but also not really because their were 10 children).

What I Wore

Sezane Gatsby Mariniere, Etica Finn Slim Straight Jeans, Faherty Mikki Turtleneck, Marc Fisher Izzie Lugsole Boots

Marc Fisher Izzie Lugsole Boots


It was our friend’s 40th birthday so we went to Saskadena Six for snowboarding, skinning, skiing and apres. It was an 80s theme and I had to include a picture of the cake I got from Splendid Bakes in town because how fun is it?!

What I Wore

Halfdays Carson Bib Pant (my Christmas present, I love them!), Negative Turtleneck, Sezane Louise Jumper, SOREL Joan Explorer, SKIDA Neckwarmer

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    This outfits are simple but attractive. Love this post!

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    Love this new feature!

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