A Q&A with Spirit Daughter Founder Jill Wintersteen

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I don’t remember how I stumbled across Jill’s Instagram account @spiritdaughter several months ago, but I remember thinking, finally. I was feeling so tired and uninspired by most of the things I scrolled past, until I found Spirit Daughter. As the universe would have it, I ended up exchanging a few messages with Jill and decided to ask if I could interview her for this month’s wellness challenge. She graciously said yes. I think one of the reasons Spirit Daughter resonates with so many of us is because we often know that the moon cycles affect our everyday lives, but we aren’t necessarily completely in tune with why and how. That is where Jill comes in. Originally studying neuroscience at John Hopkins, Jill took an opportunity to move to Venice Beach and study Chinese medicine, which eventually led her to creating Spirit Daughter.

I asked Jill some questions about Spirit Daughter, using astrology to help guide spiritual wellness (I highly recommend her moon workbooks) and what she hopes women will get from them. Another book I just picked up that is really helpful is called Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology, which will give you a much deeper dive into understanding your own astro chart.

“Spirit Daughter is my soul’s purpose and I finally aligned with it.” – Jill Wintersteen

What prompted your interest in astrology and moon cycles (and how do you know so much about it)?

I started studying Astrology when I was 16 (23 years ago!). I’ve always had a natural desire to understand human consciousness (probably because of my Moon in Scorpio). This curiosity lead me to study astrology, psychology, neuroscience, Chinese medicine and yoga. I know so much because I’ve been observing it for over two decades. Astrology has been a constant theme in my life, even when I wasn’t teaching it or writing about it, it was always there.

Is there a good place to start? Is there a spiritual wellness starter kit?

For spirituality, meditation is the best place to start. Even just five minutes a day can change your life. It also helps our mind absorb new information, which makes learning anything else easier. If you live somewhere that offers meditation classes, try to go at least once a week. If you want to take it further, start practicing every day in the morning. Also, be open to learning what you need to help further your evolution. Everyday say to yourself (and the universe) that you are open to receiving guidance and intuition. Then remain open to coincidences and serendipity. You’ll be surprised at how easily things come to you at precisely the “right” time when you remain in this awakened state. 

I am a little overwhelmed by the astro charts and moon cycles. Do you have any advice on how to better understand them?

Astrology is a life long practice. It can’t be learned overnight, so don’t expect yourself to understand everything at once. It’s a process and, I think, a good one to dedicate yourself to- but it takes commitment. I always tell people when they are starting out to get an app like the Time Passages App which will tell you the Moon and Sun sign everyday. It will also tell you everything else, but start with just the Moon and Sun until you feel comfortable with their energy and rhythm. Observe their cycles and observe how you feel at certain times of the lunar cycle and when the Moon is in certain signs. Also observe how others around you act. The key to astrology, and any other science, is observation. I try to either write a post or put up a story every time the Moon changes signs (each 2.5 days) to help teach people the rhythm of the Moon. If you really want to master it though, it’s important to follow the cycles each day and look around you. Everyone feels these things, so the answers and clues are everywhere around you. Over time they will all start to make sense.

For Chart reading, know that it is a complicated process. Again, start with the basics. Understand your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign first. Then go on to the other planets (I usually look at Saturn and the Nodes next). Ask your friends their signs and talk about what it means to them. When I was first starting to read charts, I drew them (by hand) for everyone I knew. To me, the path of understanding is rooted in observation. My academic background is in research and I apply those same principles to understanding astrology. Books are a great place to start, but real people will give you the most dynamic picture and deeper knowledge. I am starting a series of 101 blog articles on understanding Natal charts, to help people get the basics then apply them in real life. Look out for that in the upcoming months.

It seems like there have been a lot of rare astrological/moon events in recent years. Is that true or is there just more focus and attention on them now that it’s a greater topic of interest?

No, we are just becoming more aware of them. Every six months we have a series of Eclipses, every year Mercury retrogrades for the same amount of time. The Great American Eclipse last summer was a special treat, but Eclipses happen every year. That Eclipse really opened up a lot of eyes, but it was in complete line with the Eclipse schedule.  The cycles of the planets don’t change, they are very predictable. We just are more tuned in- which is a good thing!

What is the most rewarding thing for you in creating the Moon workbooks? What do you want women to get from using them?

I truly feel that the Moon Workbooks and Spirit Daughter are my purpose, so I am fulfilled knowing I am meeting my evolutionary potential. People always ask my what’s the secret to my success. My answer is “Spirit Daughter is my soul’s purpose and I finally aligned with it.” When we align with our life path, everything falls into place as if the universe is conspiring to help us, because it is. I’ve always known that helping to heal the world, and raising the vibration of the people on it, was my calling – it just took some time to find my method. I have a stickie note on my board from 2005 that says “My purpose is to teach people to listen to their souls and inspire them to live their life that way.”  This is my hope for anyone who reads the Moon workbooks- no matter their gender. I really want people to feel empowered to create and live their best life, astrology is just a tool to help them get there.

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    Lovely interview. The power of alignment, intuition and spiritual purpose is awesome and inspiring.

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