My 7 Favorite Winter Trends

I think my favorite thing about all of these winter fashion trends is that they’re all stylish AND practical (ok the glitter shoes are a stretch but honestly I’ve worn my sparkly booties a TON). From cozy pom sweaters to puffer coats, these are fashion trends you can rock that will also keep you warm this winter.
Jess Ann Kirby's favorite winter trends include pom sweaters and cozy scarves

Pom Sweaters

This is probably one of my favorites for the season. A bit of an outfit maker, throw on a pom sweater with jeans or a satin skirt and you’re good to go.

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I don’t know if I owned any red before this season but it has become one of my favorite colors. Wear it head-to-toe like this festive holiday look or pick one statement piece like this coat.

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Jess Ann Kirby shares her winter style trends including red on red
Jess Ann Kirby wears a black beret as one of her favorite winter trends

The Beret

Ok confession, I struggled with this one a bit but once I finally committed and just decided to rock it there was no turning back. This one is under $10 and comes in a bunch of cute colors.

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Puffer Coats

Fashion that is functional, yay! I love this season’s take on the puffer coat with fun colors and slightly cropped silhouettes.

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Jess Ann Kirby includes puffer coats on her list of favorite winter style trends
Jess Ann Kirby's favorite winter style accessories include vintage inspired faux fur

Vintage Inspired Faux Fur

This is quite possibly my favorite thing in my closet right now. I don’t think I will ever get sick of faux fur, and I love this season’s nod to vintage styles.

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Dress it up or down. Wear a statement piece like a blazer or an accessory like a velvet bow hair tie. Velvet is everywhere and I love it.

Shop the Image: Velvet Top | Jeans

Jess Ann Kirby styles a velvet blouse as one of her favorite winter style trends
Jess Ann Kirby wears Dolce Vita elana stretch booties for a holiday look

Glitter Shoes

There’s just something about sparkles on your shoes. I was hesitant about these glitter booties at first but they quickly became a favorite this season. Flats, pumps or ankle booties, glitter shoes are fun and festive.

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Yes to puffer coats and velvet!

    12.19.17 | Reply
  2. Natali wrote:

    Anything red, berets and faux fur have been my “go-to” pieces on almost daily basis. 🙂

    12.19.17 | Reply
  3. Shloka wrote:

    I actually love all these trends. I am a total red lover and I can’t resist a good beret. I love pom sweaters but haven’t found the perfect one yet!


    12.19.17 | Reply
  4. Meghan wrote:

    The pom-pom sweater is so cute. And I love the lavender scarf with it. Loving lavender right now.
    Meghan |

    12.19.17 | Reply
  5. patricia wrote:

    I love to wear sweater and you are looking adorable in this cute winter trends!

    12.20.17 | Reply
  6. Lacey wrote:

    I love how cozy all the fashion trends are this winter, and your faux fur from frilly is absolutely perfect! In December, I ended up getting a little too excited about pom poms on everything, so I bought a bunch of yarn and started making pom poms. So far they’ve been added to pillows, blankets, sweaters, and as Christmas decorations!

    1.17.18 | Reply

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