5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

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By Jess
17 Nov 2020

This post is sponsored by MegaFood. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tis the season for staying healthy. Today I am partnering with one of my favorite supplement brands, MegaFood, to share 5 ways you can support your immune system throughout the season and beyond. These are 5 things I practice regularly to power my immune system and feel my best all year long. Use my code JESS20 at checkout for 20% off your order!

one. Hand washing and mask wearing

It probably goes without saying at this point, I know, but it’s super important to regularly wash your hands and wear a mask if you are going out. I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and the car as well as a mask so I never need to worry about forgetting either.

Two. Supplements

Everyday, Craig and I both take MegaFood Daily Immune Support* and C Defense Gummies! Daily Immune Support* is a convenient one-a-day tablet that has a combination of vitamins C and D3, plus zinc and astragalus, an herb traditionally used to aid in immune support.* Zinc can help with tissue development and wound recovery, along with supporting a healthy immune function,* while vitamin D3 supports many vital processes in the body, promoting a healthy immune system.* Their C Defense Gummies are made with vitamin C and real food like oranges, blueberries and ginger root. They are SO good I have to resist eating more than two. The gummies are made without added colors or flavors and are gelatin-free. The best part, MegaFood is committed to quality, offering supplements that are non-GMO, vegan or vegetarian, certified glyphosate residue-free, dairy-free, soy-free and kosher. MegaFood is also a Certified B Corp.

Eat the Rainbow

The more variety and color, the better. Incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet feeds your body the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to help support your immune system. Everything from spinach and kale to blueberries and citrus fruits. I like to mix it up with things like soups and smoothies too which make it easy to pack lots of fruits and veggies into one meal.

quality sleep

Sleep is so crucial to staying healthy. Restorative, quality sleep is a big component of supporting your overall health and immune system. I find that having a regular sleep routine is really helpful. Limiting screen time before bed, wearing a silk eye mask to block out light, using a noise machine and limiting caffeine intake especially later in the day. Medical Director at MegaFood and Naturopathic Doctor Erin Stokes offers a ton of valuable insight on the health benefits of a regular sleep routine. There are several blog posts on the brand’s site on the topic of sleep, including this post by Erin on getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Get outside

Getting outside and breathing in fresh air even during the cold winter months is so good for your mind, body and soul. I try to go for a walk everyday even if it’s a short one, to get my blood flowing and get some sunlight on my face. Getting outside might just give you a little energy boost too, it always does for me.

manage stress

It’s so important to manage stress as part of our overall health. Believe it or not the stress hormone cortisol can suppress certain parts of the immune system. In addition to getting outside like I mentioned above, exercising and meditation are two crucial things for me to help manage my stress levels. I love the Headspace app for meditation. Limiting screen time and doing something relaxing like taking a bath or reading a book helps me too.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. grayaux@gmail.com wrote:

    Hi! I’m interested in trying Headspace. Does you code work after the 2 week free trial? Thanks

    11.17.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I think so. Here is my code. hdspce.co/Jessannkirby

      11.17.20 | Reply
  2. Unabis CBD wrote:

    Hey! Thank you for the useful and current article! I really want to improve my naming system now, because I have been sick 3 times a month and I really don’t like it. Most likely this is all through stress and lack of sleep. You said that it is best to manage your stress, tell me how you do it? Do you have any rules? And thank you for mentioning that you need to try to eat everything as colorful as possible, as this will balance the diet. I will be glad to answer, thanks!

    2.2.21 | Reply
  3. Yanni Rivera wrote:

    Thanks. Very good recommendations for maintaining immunity. I would also add a few words about moderate physical activity such as running, stretching, and even yoga.

    10.7.21 | Reply
  4. Mark Powell wrote:

    Not too long ago, I also started taking MegaFood Daily Immune Support vitamins. Indeed, now I feel better. It became easier to wake up in the morning.

    10.26.21 | Reply

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