5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Cheese Plate

By Caylin Harris
30 Nov 2016


First let us just say we LOVE cheese, very much. Creating the perfect cheese plate is an art form, which we take very seriously. There is nothing sadder than cubes of waxy looking cheese and semi-stale crackers. While pulling together a beautiful cheese platter is easier than you might think, we wanted to share five simple tips for creating a Pinterest worthy cheese plate. We’re pretty proud of this one.


1. Don’t get snobby about the cheese. No one likes a show-off. Stick with no more than five varieties of cheeses, preferably made with different milks, goat, cow etc. You can get great quality without going crazy fancy. People get intimidated if they have no idea what the heck they’re eating.


2. It’s about more than just the cheese. Give guests plenty of options. It’s all fair game. Honey, candied or salted nuts, savory meats, dried fruits, fresh fruits, veggies, olives—think about hitting all of the tastes: sweet, salty, sour, savory. Plus, it makes for a more beautiful looking cheese plate. We used herbs as garnishes as well. They smell amazing and can be used to top off crackers.


3. Slice it! Make sure each cheese has it’s own knife so they don’t start tasting like each other. It’s also helpful to pre-slice the hard cheeses. No one will dig into them if they aren’t sliced. It’s a little tricky to slice hard cheese on a full tray, no one wants to be that person.


4. Don’t serve cold cheese. If you serve cheese right out of the fridge it mutes the flavor and makes soft cheese difficult to spread. Let cheese sit out and come to room temperature before serving.


5. Don’t skimp on the crackers. There’s no point in spending money on fantastic cheese only to pair it with crappy crackers. Buy crackers at the same place you get your cheese and throw some slices of a baguette into the mix as well. Don’t be afraid to ask the cheesemonger to recommend some cracker pairings for the cheeses you’ve purchased.


Be prepared to wow friends and family and most of all enjoy all your cheese pairings. You might want to get used to prepping this plate, it’s a pretty delish go-to signature party dish.


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  1. beautiful photos – these are really great tips!!!

    11.30.16 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Thanks Grace! xx

      11.30.16 | Reply
  2. Lyddiegal wrote:

    I do love a good cheese, or two or three… it’s pretty much my favorite food. Though I must say I’m quite partial to it cold out of the fridge. Your plates all look beautiful – wish I were attending a party at your house!

    11.30.16 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Haha funny, that’s how Craig likes it too! He hates it when I heat up the brie 🙂

      11.30.16 | Reply
  3. Cheryl Sparks wrote:

    Perfect. It makes me want to head over to Milk and Honey in Tiverton, right now!!

    11.30.16 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Mmm yum! They have a great selection!

      11.30.16 | Reply
  4. Jenny Hall wrote:

    These look delicious! Now all I want for dinner tonight is wine and cheese, ha!

    11.30.16 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      That’s how I feel every night! Glad we represented one of our favorite food groups well. Thanks for the sweet comment. xx

      11.30.16 | Reply
  5. Ally wrote:

    So definitely pinterest worthy! I’m practically licking the screen this looks so good!

    11.30.16 | Reply
    • Caylin Harris wrote:

      Haha! Thanks so much for loving this post as much as we do Ally. xx

      11.30.16 | Reply
  6. this looks SERIOUSLY delicious

    Mel x


    12.1.16 | Reply
  7. Stacey wrote:

    OMG! I love this post. I love cheese so much and always put out a cheese platter for guest. These are some awesome tips.
    I was also wondering what nail polish color/brand is that bronze/gold color. It’s gorgeous!!!!

    12.2.16 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks Stacey! The nail color is Penny Talk by Essie, one of my favorites right now 🙂 xx Jess

      12.3.16 | Reply

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