5 Things from the Serena & Lily Spring Sale

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By Jess
9 Mar 2021

Random fact about me: I love looking through the spring and summer catalogues of home decor brands. Now it’s more click through because I’ve unsubscribed from every mail catalogue. Yes the styling is wildly unrealistic and most of it I can’t even remotely afford but it’s still fun to look at and get inspiration from. One of my favorites is Serena & Lily because it always gets me so excited for summer and beach days. I only shop from Serena & Lily when they’re having a sale, and right now it’s 20% off with code NEWLEAF. Here are 5 things I am loving and maybe just maybe I’ll finally splurge on those beach chairs.

5 Things from the Serena & Lily Spring Sale

Teak Step Stool

I love this teak step stool because it’s so versatile and practical. It looks beautiful and is incredible quality too. I have one in Marin’s bathroom that makes bath time a lot less painful on my back. It’s great to keep around anywhere with hard to reach cabinets, storage etc (I originally had it in our bedroom to reach the top shelf of my wardrobe-see below). I’m ordering one for our bathroom up in Vermont too. The design works well with so many different decor styles.

Shop Teak Step Stool

Solid La Jolla Basket

I bought this basket during the last Serena & Lily sale for our new bathroom. We use it as a hamper but they are great for all kinds of storage. I will say the large is really big, which is great but it’s almost too big and if I did it over again I would get the medium. Perfect for a kids room too as toy storage or a hamper. The blue color is cute too. They are made with strips of recycled resin wrapped around coils of natural seagrass. The quality is great too, they’re super sturdy.

Shop La Jolla Basket

Teak Beach Chair

Is now the time I finally buy these beach chairs? Maybe… I have been pining for these chairs for a long time, and if they are like everything else I’ve purchased from Serena & Lily the quality is likely impeccable. I have to say the backpack strap for carrying is really selling me. If any of you have the beach chair will you let me know if you love it?!

Shop Teak Beach Chair

Beach Umbrella

Last year I bought a similar looking beach umbrella (for a lot less) and it broke halfway through summer, womp womp. I love the fringe and the adjustable pole made with reclaimed wood. It looks really solidly built and there’s no more beach days without an umbrella now that we have a baby in tow. We could use this in the backyard too which makes it even more appealing.

Shop Beach Umbrella

Beach Towels

I have a few Serena & Lily beach towels and they are hands down the best ones we own. They still look brand new after tons of use and washes. They’re nice and big, great for laying out on the beach or drying off. They are super absorbent and dry quickly too, I use them to dry off the dogs after a bath all the time.

Shop Beach Towels

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    Love the step stool – just bought it, on sale too!
    Thank you for the inspiration & link.
    Happy Pi Day 🙂

    3.14.21 | Reply

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