5 Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated

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By Jess
13 Dec 2016


bobble Infuse / bobble Insulate 

It’s so important to stay hydrated. Since I’ve started drinking more water I’ve noticed I have more energy, my skin is more hydrated and clear, and I just feel better throughout the day. There are some really simple ways to make your liquid intake easier and that’s where bobble comes in. An environmentally friendly way to help you stay hydrated all day long, bobble’s mission is focused on a sustainable solution to drinking water. One that eliminates the waste created by 38 billion disposable water bottles thrown away every year in the US. Yes, 38 billion. Reducing my impact on the environment is really important to me. Living by the ocean I see firsthanad the negative effects of pollution and waste. So simple solutions to eliminating unnecessary waste are a no-brainer. At the beginning of this year I made drinking more water a resolution, so I’ve figured out some simple ways to make it easier. Here are 5 simple tips for staying hydrated.

1. Start the day off right – I start everyday with warm water and a splash of fresh lemon juice. Just do a quick google search and you’ll see the health benefits. Even before I drink my coffee I have water with lemon. The bobble Infuse is nice because you can put a few lemon slices in the bottle and the filter will keep out any lemon bits.


2. Infuse it – Water is better when it’s not just plain water. I don’t really like water that much so I found infusing it with citrus fruits, berries, and herbs made me way more likely to drink it. A few of my favorite combos are orange, lime, and lemon; raspberry and mint; and strawberries with basil.


3. Take it to go – I’m most likely to get dehydrated when I’m traveling or out all day. I hate buying plastic water bottles because they are so wasteful. Bring your bobble Insulate along and you have water all day long. It’ll keep your water hot or cold. I bring it to barre classes, the airport (you have to empty it for security but can refill as soon as you are through), running errands, etc.


4. Keep it at your desk – Seems silly to even make this a tip but it really works. The difference between having a bottle of water right next to you vs. getting up to get water will drastically increase your intake. If I have it in front of me I’m way more likely to continue drinking it throughout the day.


5. Couch rule – Anytime I go to sit on the couch whether it’s to work on my laptop or chill out and watch Netflix I fill up a bobble with water or warm water with lemon.


I hope these simple tips help you add a little more water to your life! Also if you need a great gift idea, a bobble makes an awesome stocking stuffer or gift for a co-worker.


Thanks to bobble for partnering with me on this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Cute bottle! Completely true, I’m not myself when I’m dehydrated! Thoughtful post!

    12.13.16 | Reply
  2. Catt wrote:

    Warm water, organic lemons and organic fresh ginger…..our morning elixer.

    12.14.16 | Reply

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