5 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Want More Stuff

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By Jess
18 Dec 2019

We all have those people on our holiday gift list who insist they really don’t want anything. The person who has everything, but you still want to get them something without giving them stuff they don’t want. This is the gift guide for them! Here’s some gift ideas that are thoughtful, zero-waste and won’t end up in the donate pile (or even worse the trash) post holiday season.


You know how I’ve been talking about a really amazing partnership I signed onto this month? Well I am so excited to finally share that it is with Headspace. If you’re not familiar, Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app that can help you deal with stress and anxiety, get a better night sleep, foster creativity, improve your productivity and more. I started with the pregnancy pack, and I’ve also been using it for help with sleep (never had issues sleeping my entire life, until I got pregnant). It’s amazing how just a few minutes a day can help me feel more calm and centered. The holidays and the end of the year can be a time of stress and anxiety, but also a great opportunity for self-reflection. Headspace is an amazing way to re-connect and treat yourself or someone else to some self-care, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. It’s such a thoughtful gift for loved ones as they navigate the holiday season and head into the New Year. You can also try it free for two weeks (I promise it’s worth it).

Cooking Classes

For the foodie in your life or someone on your list that wants to learn how to cook, giving an experience based gift like cooking classes is such a nice way to treat them to something fun. If you happen to live near each other it can be a really nice activity to do together. It makes a fun date night activity for a couple too.


Want to keep it really simple? Treat someone on your list to dinner at their favorite restaurant. Depending on the recipient, you can make a reservation and surprise them with a nice dinner or get a gift card to their favorite spot. If they’re an adventurous type, you can also get them a gift card to a new hot spot in town.

A Charity Donation IN THEIR NAME

A gift that gives back in the best way possible. Maybe your recipient is passionate about the environment or wildlife, clean oceans or animal rescue. Find out a cause that’s near and dear to their hearts and make a donation in their name. If you don’t know a specific organization they’re involved with, Charity Navigator is a really helpful tool to discover top rated charities across a wide variety of issues.

An AIRBNB Gift Card

The cool thing about Airbnb is that they’re everywhere! Craig and I love using them almost every time we travel because it’s such a nice experience when you’re exploring a new place (we love having our own kitchen and a bit more space than you’d typically get in a hotel). It’s also a great way to discover a city or destination that feels a bit more personal and local, usually Airbnb hosts are very eager to share local tips and travel ideas. Wherever your recipient is headed, chances are Airbnb is available so you don’t have to worry about getting them something they can only use in certain places.

This gift guide is sponsored by Headspace.

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  1. Meg wrote:

    Thank you for the guide! I love Headspace and have used the sleepcasts during periods of really insistent insomnia (they worked!!). Two words: CAT MARINA.

    12.18.19 | Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    Love this list! Can I also suggest a museum membership? It’s a great experience gift while also providing valuable operating support to arts and cultural organizations!

    12.19.19 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Yes! Love that for a gift, I should have put it in this gift guide but I did include it in an earlier one 🙂

      12.19.19 | Reply
      • Katherine Peck wrote:


        12.20.19 | Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    These are all great gift ideas! I am such a sucker for Headspace and didn’t even think about gifting it!

    My family always does Stonewall Cooking classes at their location in York, ME for birthdays and special events, which is always SO much fun.


    12.19.19 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      I LOVE that idea. That would be so fun.

      12.21.19 | Reply

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